Unions first, children second

It’s a bit late now Phil.

When Labour was in Government, they were quite content for 20 per cent of kids to fail in reading, writing and maths.

Tolley is clearing that mess up.

Labour’s only answer is to “let teachers weave their magic“.

In other words, Labour has no education policy – they are too scared of the teachers’ unions.


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  • Richard

    Child abuse comes in many forms but none quite as damaging as unaccountable teachers. Despite their unwavering support for the Union, the Green and Maori Party elites don’t entrust their children to the type of schools where 20%+ failure is an accepted outcome.

    But its okay for the rest of the population whose children will lack education and positive socialization locking them into a life dependent on a benevolent socialist state.

    Key and Tolley needs to take the Margaret Thatcher sword to these swine. Let the parents decide where to send their children.

    • thor42

      Bust the education unions NOW.
      National education standards NOW.
      Pay-for-performance NOW.
      Education vouchers for parents NOW.

  • navyman

    Found this on the act website , http://www.act.org.nz/news/education-how-good-could-it-be-0
    cut and paste…
    as a school principal certain
    Submitted by cydonians (not verified) on 15 August 2011 – 4:24pm.

    as a school principal certain aspects of this policy are workable but the mechanics of it need more research so as to implement the best education possible.

    Giving the principal total power to hire, fire and start fresh witha clean slate at low decile, at risk schools is the only option as too many of these schools have too amny staff that are entrenched and it can take years to move underperforming staff out.

    Having schools choose their own standards using a choice of benchmarks rather than the forced national standards is workable as too often I know who the underperforming teachers are, the data back s it up but it can take 2 years + to move them on and teh union chucks out the case stating that academic data cannot be used to move on a teacher


    This guy is (allegedly) a principal , so I assume he has been teaching our kids for 15-20 years. My 9 yr old has better spelling and grammar than this tosser , and he is in charge of a school ?? WTF has happened to our schools .