Want an All Black jersey? Google is your friend

All Blacks JerseyThere is much whining about the scalping some shops are doing to All Black fans wanting a replica jersey.

Admittedly it is ridiculous that we have to pay more for our own teams’ jersey that overseas fans, but then again Google is your friend

I found this site with Official Replica All Blacks 2011/12 Jersey for $89.99

Get out your Debit Cards and click your protest by buying them offshore.

If enough people start doing it then the prices will have to drop here.


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  • gazzaw

    This is turning out to be a bit of a test case for the Retailers Assn efforts to get legislation into place to apply GST & Duty to imported items purchased online. High St retailers in NZ need to wake up and realise that the days of 100% margins are over & done with if they wish to survive in an international marketplace. There were even threats yesterday by Adidas that they would block internet sales to NZ customers – really?

    NZ punters haver already woken up to the massive savings to be made by purchasing books from Amazon. For how long have we been ripped off by book retailers in NZ.
    How, by the way does the NZ Retailers Assn intend to levy GST on e-books?

    The AB shirts issue may appear to be petty but it is the thin end of the wedge in an upcoming battle for the NZ consumer to retain their individual rights to purchase goods online without bureaucratic intervention. So we really want to do what the Brits have to and call into your local Post Shop to pay VAT & Duty to uplift your goods. Liabore would love it – more bureaucracy, more invasion of personal freedom & more public servants to join the PSA.

    • ltchop

      Sorry Gazzaw your mate Johnny already has his fingers on that cash
      following is the Customs advice from their website – enacted in May this year….
      check it out ….. must have been a good ‘donation’ for that one !


      “With the rise of internet shopping more and more New Zealanders are importing goods from overseas using post and international courier services. Whether the goods are a pair of sunglasses from America or a carton of cigarettes from France; a cellphone from Hong Kong or a bolt of cloth from Scotland – all will be liable for Customs duties and charges when they arrive.
      Goods subject to GST and import duty

      Goods mailed into New Zealand may be subject to goods and services tax (GST) of 15%, based on the real or assessed value of the goods, and including the postal charges.

      The goods may also be subject to import duty. Import duties are calculated on the real or assessed value of the goods in New Zealand dollars.

      Goods liable for duty and GST of more than NZ$60 cannot be released until the charges are paid.

      There will also be an import entry transaction fee (IETF) of $25.30 (including GST) and a MAF Biosecurity risk-screening levy of $12.77 (including GST)”

      • gazzaw

        The legislation maybe there in theory but is not practised. I regularly bring in goods ranging from a book from Amazon to clothing valued up to about NZ$500. Never once have I had to pay GST despite the Customs declaration and/or invoice being attached to the package. All packages coming into NZ are checked by Customs and MAF for illegal substances & plant material but they do not appear to be levying GST on smaller items. The resources are just not there to do so without major costs to hire additional staff & develop collection centres.

        Even if GST an d other costs were applied it would still be way cheaper to buy offshore. NZ importers & retailers have to get realistic, the good old days have gone.

  • johnqpublic

    I don’t think having to pay GST on imports would put people off at all, as it’s likely still heaps cheaper to import ad hoc. Using this Adidas example, $28.70 is the GST portion of $NZ220 RRP. How do you account for the rest of the $120 difference? Oh yeh, the Margin Trough.