Weasels or Meerkats

Can readers help solve an argument. Do these National Party luminaries look like weasels or meerkats?


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  • The Gantt Guy


  • Jam_Sammie

    Duck won’t be happy you have included his picture along side Murray and below his mates..

  • NZ Groover

    That dude on the left looks like Mike Hosking, the guy in the middle…..Joe 90 and the guy on the end David Brent (The Office).

  • Potaua

    Definitely weasels. My kids like meerkats and they are fun, whereas these stuffed shirts look like hard boiled eggs!

  • Jokka

    Definitely weasels. Myopic weasels too.

  • nonpartisan

    Weasels. Meerkats are cute.

  • spiker

    Just to clarify, the National Party lumi­nar­ies are on the bottom row?

  • Chris

    Weasels, filthy arsewipe scumbag weasels.

  • mediatart

    I see you have a picture of a minx as well !