Whale Vs Duck – 2 more sleeps

Whaleoil vs Mallard

Ok so the Army has spoken. I will ride hirsute.

The course is set. The circuit is 20kms and we ride it three times.

The elevation map is below:

The race begins and ends at Musick Point. Race start is 1:30pm on Sunday 21 August. The weather forecast is for it to be fine and 13 degrees. Not sure on wind conditions yet.

I would like to thank Mt Eden Cycles for the loan of the Specialized bike, their advice and support. I would also like to thank all my loyal readers for their emails of support and encouragement.

A special thanks goes out to Trevor Mallard for challenging me. He has enabled me to get fit, get well, and importantly given me heaps of free publicity.

Mt Eden Cycles


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  • thor42

    Good stuff – go the Whale!

  • Daniel mapletoft

    Kick his arse!

  • spiker

    Will this epic race be televised for us out of towners?

  • jabba

    I assume he is going through with it then .. is there a pub at Musick Pt or will it be a byo?

    • michaels


  • jabba

    so Mallard is turning up then .. is there a pub at the start/finish or will it be a byo?

    • michaels

      ;0AND BYO eggs and tomatoes

    • michaels

      perhaps the Army can park around the course and randomly open cars doors.

      Hope you have trained during peak times, Bucks can be VERY busy on a nice Sunday afternoon.

  • Mickrodge

    Best of luck Whale.

    I look forward to seeing the head of the slain Mallard in your trophy cabinet come Sunday night.

  • Hollyfield

    Could Spanish Bride post some updates during the race?

    • Spanishbride can’t txt let alone Tweet

  • kehua

    I hope that you have adjudicators along the route Cam afterall you are dealing with a guy that is not afraid to con and dupe the whole country. Give it heaps and “kick arse“.

    • the turn around point of the course is outside Maurice Williamson’s house. I am told several MPs will be in attendance. Then there is the Army.

  • Steve

    Wind conditions? Yeah the wind will come from the left

    • That will probably be more of a splutter and a wheeze

  • Best of luck and I hope you enjoy yourself. I’m not close enough to attend, but I’ll be there in spirit. Go The Whale!

  • kevin

    Remember your ‘army’ extends beyond the Bombay Hills and we’re with you (as in can’t be there). Succcess to you.

  • Brian Smaller

    Ha ha – you may come second but you can’t lose. In fact, victory is yours. I can’t believe the man who would be king fell for this.

  • Jman

    I might make it out there to cheer you along. Good luck

  • bigkev

    one news crossing live to musick point …..

  • Lulu

    Go you good thing

  • Drea

    Good luck Whale…. I hope you turn the lame duck into dead duck. I’ll be in East Auckland, so i hope to come along and watch.. would you like me to throw a branch in front of the ducks bike (Big Daddy style)… break the other leg oops better not.. he’ll go for the sympathy vote

  • busman007

    Good luk whale hope to catch a bit on the news , kick his arse !!

  • I will be there to cheer you on – rain or shine!

  • Busman007

    Good luck whale kick his crippled arse !

  • TJ

    Smash him bro

  • rusty

    Has M aurice got a temporary liquor license?

  • Spanishbride
  • michaels

    Is The Penguin making the trip up for the race?