Whale vs Duck – Course Settled

Whaleoil vs Mallard

Mt Eden Cycles

I was out on the course and coincidentally so was Labour’s master strategist. I nearly didn’t recognise him because I originally thought it was a sick, haggard, old man huffing and puffing along the street. He never caught me up and the next time I saw him he was struggling up the hill that is the finish of the circuit.

Anyway after some course suggestions from the crippled on here is the final course. It starts and finishes in the carpark at the end of Musick Point. The circuit is 20km long and we do three circuits. The elevation map is:

The race is on August 21, and starts at 1:30pm at Musick Point.


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  • I’m sure that the good folk of the Howick Golf Club will be fulsome in support for the local combatant, and less so for the Wainui man.

    I know the area reasonably well, and there is some fairly challenging terrain.

  • michaels

    The lady and I will be there with our picnic (grog) sitting on the golf course.
    But please explain: The Duck is being paid by us to WORK. Why is he out riding his push bike in AUCKLAND on a Monday?!?!?!
    Or was this run in over the weekend maybe?

  • rouppe

    The course route seems to be open only to “friends”. Can you either open it up or plot it on google maps…?

  • thor42

    Good stuff! Best of luck, WO!

  • whafe

    A great little 3 lapper….

    Go hard Cam….

  • pbnz

    Looks like a nice short sharp climb at the end of the circuit.
    60 kms is a decent race distance for the two of you, not that you would want to concede anything to the cripple, but have the two of you considered shortening the distance? That will be at least 2 to 2.5 hours of riding for you both which considering how new you are to road cycling its a big ask.
    How is the training going anyway? Have you lost any weight with all the training etc? Bum not as sore anymore? Are you practising some hill climbs for the big day?

  • Cactus Kate

    Get off the net and out training Slater. If I have to give 1k t the Pinkos there will be a world of hurt

    • Hell hath no fury like a Cactus robbed of a grand!

  • The pod and I will be there clutching assorted WO paraphernalia such as a stuffed Killer Whale ( maybe not the best choice, should perhaps take a stuffed duck for dinner after the race )

  • jabba

    is there a supporters picnic spot and bar afterwards .. I2 suggests the golf club but you may have to be a member??

  • Richard

    I look forward to see who Mallard gets as supporters.

  • Steve

    After the race the lefties can go for a group hug at ‘Mellons Bay’

  • Steve

    The lefties can go for a group hug at ‘Mellons Bay’

  • boptrev

    Dear Lockwood.
    please outline the rules for MPs financing travel to undertake meaningless, trivial bikes rides while their constituents suffer under a tory govt.

  • George Romero

    Not a very tough course , my nanna walks that cousre on her zimmer

    • Cool, would she mind awfully going in front of Wo so he can slip stream her? Appreciate the support ;)

      • James Stephenson

        So what are the agreed rules with respect to other bikes on the course?

  • rouppe

    Take a very close look at your tyres and tubes before the race.

    Nothing would be worse than having Duck beat you cause you had to spend 15 minutes fixing a flat

  • Tom

    Go Cam Go!

    Don’t often go that far East, but the 21st will have to be kept free for this little pearler :)

    Best of luck

    Tom O

  • churtonpark

    best of luck Cam, hope the army turns out to support you and please beat the crap out of the fucker, cant stand the d-head. I am stuck in welly, but will check for updates…don’t worry cactus, Cam will win – I think the wainui-kid will not even show