Where in the world is Pearl Going? – She's Back

Pearl Going is a con-woman. She travels around spinning incredible yarns about how important, connected and famous she is. The simple fact is she is just a dirty little cheat.

The last escapade I blogged about was when she tried to con Kaimata Lodge in the South Island. She was run out of town and despite much bluster and useless threats she disappeared.

Well, she is back. In Auckland. And Naked.

She finally surfaced sans clothes and at Mollies. I just bet she spun them a line too.

Photo by Calypso Paoli




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  • Someone hook her up with David Flewitt. They would make a great pair.

    I hate con artists. I hope this one gets what she deserves.

  • tonyjoe

    Nice arse!

    • toby

      That’s a scrawny arse.

      • navygreg

        I’d bite it :)

  • frank black

    I’d tap that

  • michaels

    Oh come on…. Pearls arse would take up that whole bench.

  • Flood79

    I notice that she name-dropped Mollies in the Kaimata scam.

    “she sent me an email ask­ing me to rec­om­mend your estab­lish­ment to Joanna Bourke at Mol­lies Hotel”

  • giblet

    Why does she have a barcode on her arse?

  • Calypso Paoli

    I would appreciate it if you () are going to use my photos on your website that you ask first before posting. My photography is copyrighted, by posting my images without permission is illegal. I would like this image to be taken off this website or I will take legal action. On another note this shoot was indeed my idea and not Pearls, you probably need to get your facts straight before you jump to these far fetched conclusions if you are going to be a REAL journalist.

    • Typical. Friends of Pearl or Pearl always want to threaten and abuse. When you phoned me you said you weren’t threatening me, and then I check the comments held in moderation and i find that you ahve indeed threatened me. Fill your boots. I await your lawyers letter. I will treat it with the same contempt I treated the last lawyers letter I got from Pearl.

      Google “Flea Lawyers” and see what you find.