Why can't the government do this for schools?

The Ministry of Health is running large ads in papers today comparing each DHB.

Now there is a good idea. How about we do this for schools too?


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  • thor42

    Interesting! Didn’t see those (I didn’t get a paper today).
    I agree – we should definitely do this for schools as well. There’s a **shitload** of taxpayer’s money going into them.
    Damned right that they should be publicly compared and ranked.
    How about doing it for WINZ offices too? Have a monthly summary showing the net number of people that each office has got off each benefit (or, perish the thought, put onto the benefit).
    Openness, information, value-for-money. That’s what it’s all about.

  • Dave

    That would be an excellent idea. And the unions would hate it, which just proves how sensible and useful an exercise it would be!

  • whalewatcher

    I work ‘at the coalface’ in a DHB.
    On an almost-weekly basis I am in conflict with the management over the handling of waiting lists. The Government demands compliance with a 6-month rule – all patients put on a waiting list must have their operation within 6 months. We cannot meet demand. This is dealt with by not putting people on the waiting list. I have suggested they be put on the list anyway, then the true need is transparent, and this can be passed on to the powers in Wellington.
    But the management wont do this.
    Then the Ministry and politicians say that there is no problem.
    This is just not the case.

    If you have health insurance, keep it. your gonna need it.