Why did you pull out then Phil?

A big song and dance was made about the TV3 Leaders debate because first John Key and then Phil Goff pulled out of participation.

Personally I don’t have a problem with the decision. What I do have a problem with is rank hypocrisy.

…from who else, Phil Goff. He has signed up to the Facebook Group demanding that the Leaders debate has all party leaders.

You really have to wonder about the ethics of this guy. He can’t hold a postion for longer than a day. In this case he is saying that the Leaders debates must include all leaders, yet when asked to participate he threw his toys and bailed out in a case of follow the leader.

The man is an embarrassment. He should start a Chuckle Brothers chapter, he’s be a life member.


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  • They are so focused on getting a hit on Key, that *whatever* it takes to make Key look bad must be done, no matter how inconsistent their own behaviour may be.

  • Johnboy

    Why did you pull out then Phil?

    Perhaps he finally realised that the world is over supplied with stupid dickheads and he is to proud to wear a condom?