Why I won't be on Citizen A anymore

I have decided not to appear on Citizen A anymore.

The decision hasn’t been taken lightly and I consulted widely with people who’s opinions I respect.

Firstly I have to say that the people and staff of Triangle/Stratos are first rate. The producer Debz is great to work with and I have enjoyed my time working with her. She has taught me a great deal.

Over time however I have come to despise turning up for an hour of left wing cant being shoved down my throat all the while I have to sit and suck it up. I have learned the patience of Job as insult after insult was hurled my way, while deference was paid to the other guests in an almost fawning, obsequious manner.

I have enormous respect for Chris Trotter, for Selwyn Manning and for Phoebe Fletcher. I have enjoyed working with them and enjoyed the debates we managed despite the mad raving and shrill editorialising of Martyn Bradbury coming between us. There, I would like to think, is mutual respect, and that could well be indicated by the offline information sharing and discussions we have via email or over the occasional beer or coffee.

However I can not and will not tolerate complete disrespect and abuse any longer. I will no longer be the token righty copping a flogging each week like a punch drunk boxer hoping for that one last win in the ring. It is demeaning and unbecoming and rude, more to the point that I am about as far form a broken down old boxer as you can get, and I’m not losing.

Martyn has lined up as many left wing commentators as he could to try and “get” me. He even said this to me several times….as in “right this week I’ve got X up against you, he will tear you apart”. They almost always end up by issuing forth the immortal lines “You know what? I agree with Cam on this”. Martyn even tried to train Phoebe to not say she agreed with me.

One of the final things that brought this to a head was when Martyn instructed the producers to change the subtitles to hurl even more abuse at me. It was embarrassing and shameful and it was not my doing. Then two shows ago he tried to link me, my hobbies and my Christian beliefs with the mass murdering coward who killed so many, so shamefully in Norway. It was a scurrlious, low blow. My anger at that attack in the middle of the show was such that I found it  difficult to contain.

The final straw was Martyn’s blog post on Friday where he has simply followed the party line and insists that despite the law of the land the SIS should not have released to me that which was applied for under the OIA, not because they were secret, but because I am a right wing blogger.

Martyn Bradbury likes to think he a crusader holding the powerful to account, he should have embraced what I did to the SIS, in opening them up just a little but, instead he went for the political and personal attack that is so common amongst the left.

I have canvassed my decision with 10 people and the opinions of those I respect were 100%, with not even a slight equivocation, ditch the show.

And so I will. Last week was my last appearance on Citizen A. I will not be returning.


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  • reid

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for Martyn to admit he’s the one on the wrong side, will you.

    I’m certain you’re not thinking that he will, but that would be the best outcome, not that it will happen.

  • P1LL

    Good on you Cam , I would sit there and cringe at his rudeness towards you and wonder why you did not slap the bugger.
    His ratings will plummet now.

  • Deb

    Cam , I saw the last one with Selwyn and I agree with your decision. While it is a loss for the centre-right, Bomber’s shrill interviewing style (and I use the term “interviewing” very loosely) combined with his unabashed bias is really too, too much. You and Selwyn handled yourselves very diplomatically I thought, but someone needs to give that bloke a cup of calm the hell down.

  • Fey Hag

    As I have taken you to task in the past it may surprise you that I agree with your decision.
    I was a huge ‘Bomber’ fan for a long time; but of late he has reminded me of a punch drunk fighter flinching at shadows. Hubris has taken over I think.
    He no longer seems able to share the lime light in a balanced way, or recognize the contributions of others.
    Sad that it has come to this, as we lack this kind of program on the main providers.
    I still want to hear both sides of the argument & not be force fed by anyone.

  • John

    I watch Triangle a fair bit but never saw the show. Probably not worth you time if there is a tiny audience anyway.

  • thor42

    I completely agree with your decision, WO. The lefties have shown just how shallow they really are. Incapable of putting forward a good well-reasoned case, they resort to abuse.

  • I am 100% behind Cam’s decision. It has been great media training and experience for him but enough is enough.

    • reid

      Yes I’m quite impressed with the way Cam holds his ground without getting angry or irritated while at the same time refusing to give way. That’s not an easy thing to do in the face of provocation but he does it very well and can only get better at it the more he practices.

  • reid

    Just thinking about this it would be great if conservatives started challenging all the lefties all the time whenever they demonstrate this self-righteous hubris they all have which originates from them not just pretending but actually truly believing that they are the only ones who give a fuck about most other human beings and all conservatives, every single one of us, are nothing but selfish, ruthless even sadistic bastards who just can’t wait to fuck people over which we do all the time.

    All lefties have this attitude, people like Sue Bradford really personify it. I’m fucking sick of it, personally. It’s time whenever they do this during interviews, to jump in and call them on it and just expose it for the complete and utter bullshit it is.

    If every conservative did this – really fucking nailed them every single time any lefty whatsoever tried it on, pretty soon they’d get the message. Won’t happen, but that’s what we should be doing.

  • jamesp

    Frankly I’m surprised it took you so long to come to this decision. Bomber is a nasty person because, despite all his diversity cant, he can’t actually believe that people disagree with him for honest reasons.

    I think your interpretation of Bomber’s Friday blog post is overly generous. He intentionally doesn’t mention the OIA request, despite him undoubtedly knowing about it, and characterises the information as being “leaked”. The post reads as if the information was sent to you entirely off the SIS’s own bat with the intention of putting a hit on Mr Goff. The outrage Bomber generates over these fake circumstances neatly covers him from analysing what the released information actually shows.

  • orange

    Totally agree with you. Am looking forward to see where God will take you next though.

  • Chris

    This is a good move. Just like his blog, which only exists as an amusment arcade, this show will now crumble. Bradbury is a flake. If he was relevant, he would have resonated years ago.

  • Cam, agree with you. I generally enjoy listening to Chris Trotter and Selwyn — and often you and they agree.

    But I have never liked Bradbury. He was an embarrassment at Auckland Uni, and he’s worse now.

  • George

    Good move. You should have done it yonks ago
    His announcements of the ‘show’ are in that irritating pitch just below shouting.
    Control freak country..

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  • Ray

    One of the good things was that you came over as calm and reasonable which is not the meme the left like to spin

    On the other hand Martyn “Bombastic” Bradbury just looks silly, he should get a real job and settle down

  • Good for you Cam. Like you, I’m not buying in to Bradbury’s pseudo urban geurilla persona, so the B nickname is dead and buried. Martyn Bradbury it is!

  • John

    Sounds like can’t win won’t play – You can support US murderous adventurism, but balk at a few personal insults? – if that Idiot bradbury can unhinge you so easily you are in the wrong game – you are right you shouldn’t be there.
    Are murderous attrocities among religious fundamentalists as common as political and personal attacks from those with left wing views? If they are why were you surprised?

    • Frosty

      I think it’s more a case of Cam often wins – but Bradbury can’t stand to acknowledge it for fear of conceding whatever power he thinks he possesses. Arguing for the sake of arguing, and when you don’t have an argument, create some fairy-tale story to smear.
      Cam – you should use your contacts to pitch a new and improved version of the show – now that what ever ratings the show had will plummet, shouldn’t be hard to roll it and get that noob off the telly.

    • reid

      Why do you seem to think John “murderous atrocities” are limited to the conservatives?

      Haven’t you ever heard of what Clinton did and what Obama continues doing?

      That’s different, how?

    • joe bloggs

      ignorant dickhead – try looking through this and you’ll find ample evidence of left-wing terrorism and murderous atrocities – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left-wing_terrorism

      • reid


        Didn’t you read what I said joe?

        Read it again…

        Whose the ignorant dickhead now, Joe? That’s right. It’s you, isn’t it.

        • Hollyfield

          I think Joe was probably directing his comment to John, and not to Reid.

  • B Whitehead

    I’m surprised you stuck at it for so long, Bomber is highly biased & as a result the show suffers badly. A lot of his guests would have done his job far better as they were more neutral & level headed. One can only wonder he was chosen to head the show.

  • whafe

    Mar­tyn Brad­bury has and always will be a total “Hay Seed”

    A good call WO, one that would have taken considerable thinking etc, but you have hung in there for a good while…

  • grantmichaelmckenna

    Well, I won’t be watching Shitizen Aay again. Pity, because I liked some of the other guests, but only put up with that Bomber person because you were on it. Your absence means that it isn’t worth watching- the guests and you in debate was what was attractive, that Bomber person was what was unattractive.

  • jabba

    I actually enjoyed watching the show .. have not seen the last one. I mentioned here, or maybe on Facebook, that it didn’t seem fair to be 2 onto one all the time. Bradbury loves the sound of his own voice too much for a role like that.

  • mickrodge

    Fuck off John, don’t be a cock.

    If Cam was in the slightest way precious about name calling he wouldn’t be in this game in the first place. He also gives as good as he gets more often than not.

    Bradbury is an out & out deluded wannabe & will be gutted he’s now lost a key component of his show. Serves the prat right.

    I like Frosty’s idea & maybe this opens up a window for a new show with commentators who want to engage in good old fashioned debate without the sideshow of that organ grinding monkey.

  • Tim Spooner

    Is this stating the obvious? When are u getting your own show?

    • Glenn

      Or better – take over as host of Citizen A – boot bradberry into touch. The producers might be interested…

  • positan

    It was the right decision, Cam. I only watched the show through your blog’s connection, but you were the only thing that held Bradbury’s all-but-unwatchable fatuousness together. It was transparent to any discerning mind that the self-absorbed dickhead wasn’t possessed of the clues to realise his constant and unjustified putdowns were a total turn-off to those who only sought to be informed. I have to say how much I was impressed at how you so completely ignored Bradbury’s constant cutting jibes and addressed only the substance of the issue under discussion. Lesser individuals such as myself would have decked the prick after the third time he’d leveled such insults.

    It seems to be a constant feature in politics – that the left never grasp just how pathetic, puerile and inane they come across when they think they’re being smart.

  • hard1

    A very sensible decision . I always had the impression that Bomber was afraid to let you finish your sentences , because you nailed him good and proper when you did .

  • Roflcopter

    I only watched it coz Phoebe has a great set of hooters.

  • lulu

    Cam, On your last Citizen A post I commented:

    How many times does Sel­wyn Man­ning say “I agree with Cam on this” or words to that effect? Bomber misses it. All hail Cameron Slater.

    Can I just add that you have provided reasoned debate to a very unappreciative Bomber. He will miss his token righty and I think Selwyn, Phoebe et al will miss some intelligent converse. They certianly don’t get it from Bomber.

    He needed you more than you needed him. Move on.

  • concerned

    Like so many others I wondered how you could be so patient.

    Bomber is a looney, clearly mesmerised by his own words and (shocking) voice.

    I too hope a civilised left/right public discourse might materialise between now and the election to drill into issues in a way the leader’s debates cannot.

    Your opponents on the show were fine. Your own performance was a study in self control.

    It was Bomber that bombed.

  • adam2314m2314

    Only saw you on his programme a few times.
    Could not stand his shrieking babble..

    His lose.

  • nige

    Nice decision Cam…bomber is seriously deluded and i would probably have smacked him one if he made the same insinuations he did about you and the norway psycho! Nice control of some righteous anger :-)

  • colin rippey

    I,too, only watched Citizen A from your blog link. You took a lot of ad hominem shit from that wanker and it surprises me that you took it so well. I would probably have smacked the prick.

  • oldlogger

    Bradbury is a tosser. Good move.

  • Richard McGrath

    Thank goodness I don’t have to listen to that fruit loop Bradbury shrieking his goddam head off like a parrot any more. Triangle/Stratos should run a urine drug screen on him to see what’s in his system.

  • Harry Young

    Of course Bradbury is an odious tosser. Rude, shrill, overbearing and opinionated, I generally agree with Cameron (except climate change) and I’m definitely on the right wing, but I didn’t enjoy how Cameron talked over other guests too. Bradbury did it more, granted, but two wrongs don’t make a right.
    I’m an atheist. I believe that it’s less moral to be good because you think the big man is looking over your shoulder, than to be good because it’s right, as I try to do. Nevertheless, to link a Christian with one particular evil individual is as offensive as it is ludicrous and anyone who would do that is a wanker. More time for cycle training!

  • Craig

    Wow, the whole gun-nut reference to your depression comment was unforgiveable low blow. Bradbury is a total asshole – he’s lucky you didn’t bitchslap that little sideburned douchebag. I’ve watched most of the Citizen As and you always conducted yourself with dignity and professionalism unlike that editorialising little weasel. Respect.