Why National's reforms don't go far enough

I’ve had a thought about National’s welfare reforms and I have decided that they are timid.

Unfortunately they have been designed by people who aren’t in touch with New Zealand’s heaving pathetic underclass, not even remotely. They are being sold by politicians who have no idea of what the streets of Manukau produce. They are being argued about by commentators that likewise have never ventured far from their limp-a-cinos in Ponsonby. They are all wrong and they all underestimate the problem that exists out there.

Liberal hand-wringer Martyn Bradbury likes to pretend he cares for the poor, the solo mother, the Maori, and he attacks Cactus Kate for referring to the heaving pathetic underclass in our society. Cactus Kate likewise has no idea but she at least has listened to some stories to know that it is real. She at least has the guts to talk about it. Liberal hand-wringers like Martyn Bradbury have no idea, instead just mouthing slogans while strolling from one important meeting to another liberally dropping word like whanau into conversation to show they care.

They don’t and they don’t because they have no idea.

Let me explain.

I share an office with a good mate in South Auckland. I see every day the people who either work for him or come in to buy or rent things from him.

Let’s talk about three of his workers. They earn good money. They work hard, they are hard men doing hard work. There are sooks on those trucks that go out each day. When I say they earn good money I mean it. The foreman of the work gang would take home close to $100,000. The workers each about $60,000. They are skilled at what they do and are rewarded accordingly.

These guys all live and work in Manukau.

The foreman has 9 children, to 5 different women. He has decided he wants another child. His reason, so he can have one of his own at home with him.

His brother has 5 children, to three different women. Another worker has 10 children with the eleventh on the way.

Almost all of those children have siblings that have different fathers. It is a nightmare. You should see school holidays when the children come to work with Dad for a day.

Then there are the customers.

The other day a young girl came in. She looked about 22. She was very near giving birth. She was very awkward and very large. It was freezing cold and her current boyfriend, “Ziggy” was wandering around in a singlet and track pants in the warehouse. According to his drivers licence he was 16. When the drivers licence was checked of the girl it showed that she was only just 16.

Last Thursday this same girl came in to make a payment for “Ziggy”. She had just had the baby on Tuesday. In the general chatter it was found out that this girl, barely 16, had just had her second baby. Her second baby to two different fathers and now she is with another bloke.

Then there is another customer. She is 19 and has 4 children, she wants to have ten children before she is 25. I am not kidding. I see this type of thing every day. When Cactus Kate talks about a heaving, pathetic underclass, she is right, it is just she has never seen it except from descriptions like mine.

A walk out onto the street where there are 5 training institutions allegedly “teaching” even more of the heaving, pathetic underclass skills is a sight to behold. At any time of the day you care to pick there will be “trainees” sitting on the road, in the gutter, on the footpath, all smoking. We are spending literally millions and millions of dollars training them to do god knows what. Just across the road from all of this is the AUT Manukau campus. The state of the “students” there isn’t much better. There is something seriously wrong in New Zealand and no-one seems to know nor care.

It is because of experiences like this that I know that Labour hasn’t a clue. The heaving, pathetic underclass doesn’t buy fresh fruit and vegetables so Labour’s GST changes don’t matter to them. They don’t care about the technicalities of a capital gains tax and they sure as hell don’t spend even a minute reading the newspaper unless something catches their eye as they unwrap the fish and chips. They certainly don’t watch the news. They think Phil goff is a skinny, funny speaking white guy if they even know his name.

For all of these reasons above I can safely and honestly say that National’s reforms do not go far enough. I also know for certain that Labour doesn’t have any answers because they oppose anything National is trying, even when National is only barely trying. For sure I know that latte swilling liberal panty-waists like Martyn Bradbury also have no idea, no answers and are just shrill shriekers with empty platitudes and no solutions other than to spend even more more on the heaving, pathetic underclass.

This country is broken and we need to consider radical solutions not more of the same. If pouring billions of dollars into South Auckland was the answer then 50 years of the welfare state should have proven to use beyond a shadow of a doubt that welfare doesn’t work. Climate scientists claim the earth is doomed on less evidence than this.

National needs to get real because no one else is.



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  • peterwn

    The reform is at least better than ‘do nothing’ in this respect which is what Labour’s attitude is. Perhaps in retrospect, based on public reaction, John could have gone a bit further, but that option remains wide open to him. I think he will have gained or ‘locked in’ votes he otherwise would not get while alienating a minimal number of voters. This is what counts. There is no point in alienating voters at the left of National’s support spectrum and hence diminishing the overall NACT vote by adopting gritty ACT type policies.

    In any case, if the continued existence of ACT is seen as necessary as providing a potential coalition partner, then National needs to project ‘softer’ type policies than ACT would but leaving some wriggle room for negotiation for a coalition type situation. IMO ACT is in its parlous state because its policies appeal to a rather small minority and not to mainstream NZ, as well as a lack of cohesiveness. However National can hardly keep ACT on life support, if ACT has little will to be cohesive and refrain from promoting ‘way out’ policies.

  • notavictim

    we could take an optimistic view and hope National will extend it’s reforms to all beneficiaries, along with at least voluntary sterilization as has been suggested before, and cut extra benefits for children born whilst parent(s) are on the benefit, but I think that’ll will all happen anyway, once the sea has boiled away from global warming.

    • Jacob77712

      put your adress up mate be a man so i get direct the polynesians to your door step and you can say it to their faces

  • kevin

    I can’t even think of an answer or fixit. So, the problem… it’s all about rooting.

  • Nice piece.
    Does it foreshadow events in South Auckland similar to those that recently devastated parts of the UK?

  • nasska

    You’re on to it Whale. The crap we are fed from the left would suggest that more generous benefits & a group cuddle would fix everything. I’m uncertain that the proposals released last weekend will accomplish a great deal but they beat the hell out of Labour’s handwringing & hope.

  • Michael Duke

    As I see it the current changes are something that is a first step and I can see that National will push forward if re-elected (and I do not doubt that they will be) and claim that the election result is a mandate for rolling similar changes out a lot wider.

    That is my hope right now otherwise I would fall into despair :)

    • Phronesis

      Here’s hoping!

  • rouppe

    Two comments.

    First: Key won’t lose too many votes on this, as the target is mainly 16 and 17 year olds, who can’t vote!

    Second: Whale what a depressing tale. Have any of these poeple you mentioned give any reason as to why they want so many kids (cause its HARD work) and why they are happy to breed from so many random males? Is it a self-esteem thing? Or is it more primitive, Like the Etheopians and Somali’s who continue to have as many children as possible despite the obvious problem of no food or water

  • Brian Smaller

    Simple fact is that if there were no incentives for these people to breed like flies, they wouldn’t. Contraception is already free and works with damn near 100% success for pretty much everyone except beneficiaries apparently.

    • Jacob77712

      i hate middle class red necks why dont you stop breeding and save new zealand from your bigoted comments

  • Gravdodger

    I know a great site for a nuclear power plant.
    Bugger earthquakes and tsunamis

    That picture you portrayed should have a warning on it.

  • bristol

    Once upon a time, there were five giant, identifiable social problems: want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness. The modern welfare state has helped create instead, free-for-all ‘lifestyle’ choices, with no individual responsibility required, resulting in family breakdown, serious personal debt, drug and alcohol addiction, failed education and worklessness. The worst thing of all is that this growing burden unfairly penalises the hard-working and responsible populace, who are expected to pick up the tab.
    Instead of tinkering around the edges, which government is going to be brave enough to change the socialist created default setting of our culture, which tells people that all lifestyles are equally beneficial to everyone?

    • Jacob77712

      yeah they sure are living it up on 204.10 a week if your single and over 25.

  • Speedy

    Just walk past any WINZ office in the country and you will see young men swigging their on Beers and Alcopops outside in the carparks. Meanwhile their partners are inside getting yet an other food voucher.
    John Key should have included all those under 30 in receipt of a benefit in the IYB scheme and insisted on compulsory financial education classes

    • Jacob77712

      your a red neck bigot hope misfortune falls on you some karma.

  • thor42

    Definitely agree that the changes don’t go far enough.
    I also agree, though, with the other commenters here who have said that this will only be the first step.
    I have no doubt at all that the Nats will very soon “widen the net” to apply these measures to all beneficiaries.

    I am also pretty sure that the 80-odd percent of people who agree with these current measures ***will surely know that they will soon be extended to all beneficiaries.***
    You would need to be braindead and drooling to not realise that.

    So, National will use their election win this year as a mandate to go much further with welfare reform.

    I can very much imagine compulsory work being brought in for anyone who’s been on the dole for “x” years or more.
    So, Mr Bludger who’s been on the dole for (say) 3 years gets given a list of suitable jobs by WINZ. If he refuses to take one of the jobs, his benefit is axed there and then. Even better – his refusal should make him ineligible for any benefit for life.

  • oldlogger

    Part of the problem lies in the quality of staff at the WINZ office. I suspect there are few people there with the balls to say NO.
    Stroll through the office with a gonad meter, and have clean out.
    Then bring in the private sector to man the NO desk. Bonuses paid for numbers removed and kept off welfare.
    Who was manning the NO desk, when the Harris family from ChCh came a calling for help with their rental properties, swimming pool fenceing and new tyres for their pimpdadeh gangster car?
    Welfare (and crime) need to be harder options than work. Until thats the reality, there will be a well beaten trail between the WINZ office and the foodbank.
    I doubt that National will rea tackle this with the force required to make a real difference, without a coalition partner to help.
    Good on the Nats for making a start, but ACT gets my vote this time.

    • Jacob77712

      Act are like walking dead brainless morons with no empathy or redeeming features what so ever

  • Jacob77712

    I see fat middle class males using working girls and exploiting them every day the same under class you guys bleat about .