Will Christchurch get Steven Joyce to pay for light rail?

Probably not. As David Slack says:

He perpetually wears the smile of the father who won’t let you have a puppy. One day when we’re all grown up, we’ll understand.

Someone should ask Len. He has tried all the tricks, pleading this, business case that, temper tantrums, begging for justice, future proofing Auckland and Steven Joyce remains unmoved. No puppy for little Len and Auckland. 


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  • Buffalo Bob

    People want these transport projects bro… Even conservatives

  • lowercaseusername

    Considering the massive roading fun imbalances from Auckland that already went towards funding the transport Christchurch had, they can get in line. However, if they can write a proper business case that doesn’t assume there’s only one way to travel around a city and that everyone that doesn’t already have access to something will magically have access to it, then by all means.

  • Pongo

    Where on earth is there light rail for a city of 300 thousand people ! It won’t work on any level as we are too spread out and let’s face it Bob having light rail from the CBD where no students can afford to live to a Uni which is closed for five months of the year is just daft. Hey Whale do you want to take Bob for deputy Mayor, imagine Parker,Brown and Lee in the same council it would be like the railway boom of the mid west.

    • joe bloggs

      Where on earth is there light rail for a city of 300 thou­sand peo­ple

      Bilbao – their EuskoTran is a pleasure to use … and profitable

    • joe bloggs

      Where on earth is there light rail for a city of 300 thou­sand peo­ple

      Bilbao – Eusko Tran – not only a pleasure to use, but profitable as well

      • Oh great so we order up light rail on the basis that it works in one place on the whole face of the earth.

    • lcmortensen

      There’s one city a little closer to home which is a similar size to Christchurch and has a very well-utilized rail system.

      It’s called Wellington.

  • Light rail is the vanity project for the politician who doesn’t have any really innovative ideas, but wants something highly visible to open and to get the mindless environmentavangelists onside.

    The reasons trams were replaced with buses in Christchurch in 1954 still stand:
    – A low density city where most employment is not downtown, so not suited to a radial high capacity transport network;
    – Buses are just as fast, unless light rail is on a dedicated corridor, which can also be built for buses for far less;
    – Buses can be flexible and service a vast range of destinations, light rail is a single fixed route that can’t service more than that route;
    – Light rail needs two sets of bespoke single use infrastructure (overhead wires and rails), buses need nothing more than the road that is already there;
    – The bespoke nature of light rail means it costs much more than buses, but unless buses are fully utilised it adds unnecessary capacity.

    London would be thought of as the perfect city for light rail, in the tram sense, but only one has been built – Croydon Tramlink – which is not seen as a great success (DLR is not traditional light rail as it does no street running at all). In London the idea of replacing buses with light rail is seen as having low value, and even the last Labour government stopped funding brand new networks in cities because of the poor results of those it had funded.

    Christchurch needs its roads rebuilt, it is getting an excellent Southern Motorway, and its bus companies need to restart services, none of it is particularly flash or exciting for Bob Parker, but he needs to realise he isn’t on TV anymore.

  • peterwn

    Oh yes, and en now wants a toll slapped on the Auckland motorways to pay for his train sets. Not a problem, just as long as Waikato (and south) traffic can pass through to (say) Orewa without paying a toll at Len’s t(r)oll bridge.

    • peterwn

      Opps – Len instead of en and t( r )oll instead of t(r)oll

  • Mr Blobby

    Have no problem with any form of transport.

    Have a big problem with anything and in Aucklands case everything that requires ever increasing subsidies. Namely Buses, Trains, Ferrys

  • Mike Readman

    I don’t think we (Christchurchians) can afford to pay for light rail at $400m+ when we’re already paying $115m for a new library. Also, I WISH we got the same govt transport funding per capita as Auckland.

    • Joes

      Maybe you should supply the same per capita funding as Auckland?

  • lulu

    We are hurtling towrads a time when roads will be better utilised for single passenger movements and mass transit. Advances in technology will result in a shift away from single driver per vehicle individual combustion engines.
    The cost of light rail infrastructure will look ludicrous and outdated by the time it is built.
    In the meanwhile buses are more cost effective, environmentally friendly and more flexible. If you are going to do anything radical get the cars out of the CBD.

  • no joe

    Bilbao has a population density of 8750 / sq km; Chch’s population density is under 875 / sq km – less than 10% of Bilbao’s!