Would a New Leader win back the base?

David Farrar says that Labour are screwed because they cant win their base in his stuff article.

But the real shocker comes among the “struggling” respondents. Normally Labour would have at least a 2:1 margin here. But the poll finds that the strugglers have 42 per cent support for National and 40 per cent for Labour.

Being unable to win a plurality of voters even among your own base is very rare. A party’s base voters are those who tend to stick with it through bad times as well as good times.

Have Labour being doing internal polls to show them if a new leader will win back their base? If so will Winston Peters release the details of these internal polls?


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  • thor42

    Yeah, I saw those figures – they were **great!**. Heck – **who would have guessed** that even the so-called “strugglers” would give Goof the cold shoulder? Amazing……
    Labour just offers *nothing* new. Their “policy” is the same tired old reheated “borrow, overtax, overspend” stew. No wonder no-one swallows it.

  • adolffiinkensein

    I’d say one will see soon reports of frosts in Hell. Such is inevitable when even the dumbarse morons of Mangere and Pororua can see through the nonsense.

    That leaves just the intellectual morons who infest the faculty dining rooms of Auckland and Wellington. Has anybody got a head count of the total number of drones employed by our universities to indoctrinate the country’s youth?