Wrong again Phil

Why is it when faced with the opportunity for a stand up in the media Phil Goff has to lie?

The Navy are currently in the news for the actions of a drunk. Quite apart from Iain Lees-Galloway suggesting the drunkenness is because of low morale due to civilianisation of some job we have Phil Goff making an extraordinary claim:

Speaking of the April incident, Mr Goff told the Herald he could recall nothing similar during his tenure as Defence Minister between 2005 and 2008.

“Our Defence Force are our ambassadors internationally and they’re generally excellent for us, but we’ve got to take this sort of behaviour seriously. It’s very clear that whatever the factors are, it’s not a good look. The navy and the Defence Force has to address this.”

Really Mr Goff?

So you missed this then?

Six New Zealand soldiers have been pulled out of Afghanistan to face court marital for alleged drug use at their base, the Defence Force says.

Describing them as “junior personnel” they were part of the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Bamyan Province.

The statement said they allegedly used a Class B drug at the base.

The army says the drug involved was hashish.

In the civilian world a conviction of possession of a Class B drug can attract a sentence of up to six months imprisonment.

The six will be disciplined if they are found to have used drugs. Disciplinary action may result in a punishment being imposed pursuant to the Armed Forces Discipline Act, including a fine, a period in the Services Correction Facility or dismissal from the NZDF.

It certainly looks like Phil Goff’s memory is on the wane. I bet he can’t remember being briefed on this episode either.



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  • TitanUranus

    Phil Goff a day late and a dollar short, he (and the entire Labour party and their supporters) thinks the entire voting public have memories as short as his,hell Nemo the clownfish has a better memory.
    Goff and his sycophants had 9 loooooong years to pull this country out of the mire ,yet only succeeded in getting us deeper in the mire.
    He must be getting a handsome retainer under the table from Labour to remain where he is until defeat in November,I can`t see him putting up with this continual humiliation on every issue he opens his yap on ,for no financial gain. Fuck, he won`t even be able to get a job with NZ Post at this rate.

    • gazzaw

      What sort of job were you thinking of at NZ Post? His home turf RD run is already contracted out and he wouldn’t know his way around Roskill to deliver the mail.

  • Granny

    Or the Colonel court-martialled for abusing UN alcohol privileges in New York;

    Or the Commodore convicted of drink driving, charged after allegedly leaving work in Defence Headquarters to drive home;

    Or ……

  • Doug

    Poor old Phil has a very selective memory, and he wants to be PM. He is just a silly old fool the sooner he is put out of his misery the better he will feel.

  • Richard McGrath

    What’s got Iain Lees-Galloway’s interested in Navy ships? Have they got female stenographers aboard?

  • Lesley

    LOL Phil! I have lived near Navy Housing for over 34 years. From my first-hand observation, alcohol has featured quite prominently in Navy life in the past. There has been many a noisy, drunken, wild party – some even turning quite violent where the police are called. However, my recent first-hand observation is that there is definite change in attitude within the Naval ranks towards the excessive consumption of alcohol. My first-hand observation is that this has happened during the time of the National Government’s tenure. Shame that a top officer has let the Navy down. Those at the top must lead by example.

    • James

      Similar experience to mine – whilst you still get drunks staggering away from the navy base late on a Friday night at least now there isn’t a threat of violence meaning that I take a different route home as there was 3 years ago!

      My observation is that it has changed from violent drunk to jovial drunk … so a definite improvement!