Yeah that's going to work

Some times I despair about Labour and their MPs.

Stuart Nash goes all nasty on John Key.

This is the same strategy Labour has now run for 6 years straight. Boring. Find something that works.


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  • adolffiinkensein

    He’s also an extremely popular prick and a very successful prick which is more than can be said for the useless prick who is the pseudo grandson of Walter Nash.

  • tooright

    And Nash is such an absolute banker

  • titanuranus

    This is the type of infantile comment that the labour party faithful lap up ,and when they get spanked come november ,because they have no policies worth mentioning and have disconnected from the voting public,they can fall back and say they lost cos` JK is a smug prick.
    About time Labour cleared the decks and got some new blood, imho, some that are`nt slow learners .
    A hard ask ,I know, but maybe there are some out there somewhere?…..?

  • Agent BallSack

    Its perfect. Watching Labour play personality politics is like watching preschoolers fight over toys in the sand pit. More please!

  • kevin

    This guy must be mallards understudy… Really contributes to labour scheme of things this new underpants strategy.

  • thor42

    ***KEY*** is a “smug prick”???
    What about the SMUG PRICK of all time, Michael “smug and rich prick” Cullen?
    Cullen damned near has a monopoly on the world supply of smugness and arrogance.
    If smugness and arrogance were gold, and Cullen dumped his supply on the world’s markets, the price would be down at around $2 per ounce or so.