Yet another reason to hate teacher unions

Check out this sad little effort from the NZEI. I can’t believe these people are allowed into our classrooms.

This wondrous, perfect speciman of Kiwi teaching is Clint Green. Check out some of his pronouncements from the National Standards protest website [emphasis mine]:

…There was a mix of teachers, BOT members, parents, and a hand full of die hard national supporters.

…It was great to hear and witness challenges from parents who were afraid that there students were going to suffer under this regime and who were also receiving good levels of support and honest and regular reporting from their schools and teachers.

Fine example of why we need National Standards if you ask me.


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  • mary

    Oh dear god. A beard and a guitar, serious self-importance, I’m having 60’s coffee bar flashbacks.

  • mark

    Yet another reason to suck it up and pay for the kids to go private if there is any chance of this fool getting anywhere near them.

  • gazzaw

    He is exactly the sort of dickhead that so many keen young teachers (non NZEI members all) can’t wait to get rid of but they hang around till the bitter end because they are unemployable in any other field. Pupils are just an annoying interlude between relief periods and lunch breaks.

  • bunswalla

    David Brent flashback

  • notavictim

    I made it to 0.37 then felt that little bit of sick in my mouth.

  • Hollyfield

    I like how he says “in educating children we’re up there with the rest”, and not “up there with the best”
    At least he’s honest about not wanting to be the best.