Your pool has a hydro-slide….pfffft

Every pool should have a digger, shouldn’t they?

Looks like fun. Clearly council inspectors of the type Auckland Council employs are mercifully few and far between.


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  • kevin

    The water looks a bit fetid and the (Omg unfenced) pool aeration machine looks bulky but… fun for all.

  • That’s really dangerous.
    There’s no pool fence!

  • Steve

    OSH are on their way now and boy are those people gonna get a lecture!

  • peterwn

    I may be called a grinch, but there are serious safety issues there apart from lack of fence. If there was a significant mishap, the digger operator would be in serious trouble facing OSH charges and careless/ dangerous driving charges.

    • toby

      Yeah, assuming that’s how it works in Hungary.

    • toby

      Sure, if that’s how they do things in Hungary.

  • Chris

    It ain’t in NZ, peterwn, so no OHS worries. And to you other boring police officiers, where’s your sense of fun? What do you do to relax? Read the phone book?

  • spiker

    With a digger like that no ones going to find evidence of a “mishap”.