12 Good Reasons to Vote for Change

These are the people who are registered to spend up to $300,000 telling MMP is for them and for you.

  1. Greens
  2. Council of Trade Unions
  3. NZ Dairy Workers Union
  4. Service and Food Workers Union
  5. NZEI
  6. NZ Nurses Orgnaisation
  7. National Distribution Union
  8. Campaign for MMP
  9. NZ Aged Care Assn
  10. Labour
  11. Rail and Maritime Transport Union
  12. Maritime Union of NZ

There you have it. 12 very good reasons to Vote for Change.

Greens, Labour and the union movement think that MMP is best for New Zealand, what more do you need to know to understand that if these people want MMP then we should really be voting to get rid of it.


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  • sthnjeff

    Gee and I thought the primary function of a Union is to provide advcacy for its members in matters of employment *slaps Forehead* stoopid ole me

    • Hollyfield

      Tonight I was stopped at the traffic lights behind an EPMU car, it had signwriting all over it. And a Labour asset sales bumper sticker.

  • Dr AV

    Couldn’t have put it better myself. Only other thing to mention……all of the 12 groups you mentioned have nothing but the propulsion of their groups advancement at heart in their support for MMP. The care nothing of the cost – both financial and political (in terms of stall-worthy tactics that MMP creates)

  • Dr Av

    Could not have put it better myself. Only thing to add is that the 12 groups mentioned only lobby for MMP as a measure to propel the advancement of their own unions and organisations, with no thought of the costs – both monetary and political…..

  • diabolos

    Yes it is Sthnjeff – thats why they are advocating for MMP. Remember – these organisations represent an awful lot of very hardworking and voting people.

    If it was the “union of unemployed deadbeats that the right wing hates” then i could understand the concern. These are representatives of working people.

    Just trying to put some perspective on it here.

    So we may be saying ….

    Nurses are deadbeats
    Dairy workers are deadbeats
    Service and Food workers are deadbeats
    We know what you think of the NZEI and their constituency
    Old people are deadbeats (yeah fuckem – toss the old bastards on the scrapheap)
    We know what you think of labour
    Anyone who works on the Rail or goes to Sea is a deadbeat

    Is there anyone left?

    I think some people want a fenced security monitored compound with barbed wire – to keep all these fucking taxpaying deadbeats and the only advocacy they possibly may ever have in their deadbeat lives – out of the Right Wing utopia.

    I have visions of a post apocalyptic world where instead of Tina Turner preaching the values of pigshit at thunderdome – there is instead a Blogger complete with dreadlocks and various ornaments of apocalyptic power – consigning others to the judgement cage.

    What a wonderful world. Free of deadbeats – and democracy.

    How dare they presume to spend money – only we can do that….

  • Gravedodger

    Dead set inner bullseye, 10.1 WO, but won’t get any exposure in the compliant MSM, those morons still miss The Pin Striped Dwarf even as the corpse rots.

  • jem

    Yip…Im DEFINITELY voting for change…

    DF posted a helpful link for those who aren’t sure about the alternatives.


  • michaels

    You forgot Winston First (maybe he’s not registered though)

  • Todd

    Good reason not to vote for it.I dread it when/if keith lock leaves parliament,for the reason that I can become a bit lazy reading up on different subjects.good enough for me that if Keith says one thing I know the opposite must be my position. So if all these retards are for MMP then im against it,simple.