9-11 – Ten Years

This post was timed for 09:11 on 09/11

Ten years ago I sat in my lounge in Howick and watching the unfolding horror of 9-11 live. I didn’t go to work that day, I sat glued to CNN watching live.

I watched the buildings collapse and I was speechless.

The company I worked for had an office in one of the World Trade Centre Buildings. My boss regularly flew from Sydney to New York. He was in the air when this happened.

I had a friend who worked in one of the twin towers. She had slept in that morning, she was late for work and never made it. Her office was above the impact zones. The buildings came down before her train got to the station and she came out onto the street to find out her office, her work mates and her job had just disappeared. She turned around, went home, packed a suitcase and went to the airport and got the first available plane back to New Zealand.

What struck me in the whole awful reality that was 9-11 was that when everyone was running out the emergency services personnel were running in. They were heroes and they died because of their heroism.

The one thing Osama bin Laden miscalculated was the resolve of the American public. It took them nearly ten years but they got him. Terrorism must always be punished, the perpetrators hunted down and killed. There can be no halfway, no giving in. Osama bin laden thought he won, he was wrong.


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  • Bed Rater

    Mate, that’s a lie. It’s 10 years ago tomorrow you were watching coverage.

    • thor42

      True, it would have been the 12th here.
      Anyway – I first knew of the attacks when I dropped into the newsagent to buy a paper. He had a TV on in there with the awful footage going.
      Ever since that day, I have done a **massive** amount of research into Islam, and I now know more about it that 99% of Muslims do. It is definitely *not* a “religion of peace”. What is more, the fanatical Muslims are actually the *true* Muslims – they follow the Koran to the letter. The everyday so-called “Muslims” that you and I see in the street are either unaware of the vicious verses in the Koran, or they deliberately choose to ignore them.
      ( Don’t be surprised about the “unaware” part, by the way. I have seen very many testimonies by those who have left Islam, and almost without exception, they say “I was not told of these verses – I didn’t know they existed.” )

      Two very good resources about Islam are here –
      http://www.jihadwatch.org/islam-101.html – A very good in-depth page about Islam.

      http://www.wikiislam.net/wiki/Main_Page – A critical look at Islam using the texts of the Koran and hadith.

  • “Ter­ror­ism must always be pun­ished, the per­pe­tra­tors hunted down and killed. There can be no halfway, no giv­ing in”

    Sorry Whale, but that’s the biggest load of BS I’ve ever seen on this blog. We stubbornly refuse to even identify the real enemy. The enemy is the 7th century death cult that is islam. If the West was serious about punishing terrorism, Kabul, Mecca, Medina and Riyadh would be smouldering ruins uninhabitable for several hundred years. Instead of that, our military are still struggling to get rid of a bunch of feral tribal leaders in a medieval shit-hole.

    Were the West winning, or had we won, our security organisations would not cower in fear from multi-culti nonsense but would engage in the only sensible measure to protect the sheeple: racial profiling. The fact that in the US, government bureaucrats can sexually assault children and OAPs with inpunity while all-but ignoring (for fear of being called “racist”) someone wearing a fucking tent indicates the bad guys have won. Or at the very least, they’re winning.

    Yes it’s good that OBL is dead, but he’s only one man so let’s get it into perspective. I said elsewhere yesterday (to the effect that) that just because their military wing makes the Labour Party caucus look organised, coherent and efficient, doesn’t mean they’re losing. Their Sonnenkinder operation has been wholly successful, with large tracts of the UK and Australia virtual no-go zones for non-moslems.

    • thor42

      Agreed. Islam is definitely the enemy, and profiling is an essential tool.
      It is definitely the case that if the “shoe were on the other foot” and the “praying-to-Kaaba West” had attacked “Islamic America”, then Mecca and Medina would no longer exist.
      Check out that jihadwatch site, ay. It is **excellent!** It is run by the legendary Robert Spencer – the guy who can run rings around Islamic “scholars” when it comes to discussing Islam.

      • Yeah it’s a regular read for me. Another good one on the topic of the deathvcult is Gates of Vienna.

  • Thoughts and wishes to all those in the USA.

  • Thoughts and wishes to all those in the USA.

  • Good thoughts and wishes to everybody in the USA today.

    • Johnny


  • thor42

    What I should also mention is that terrorism, as nasty as it is, is *not* the most dangerous aspect of Islam.
    The most dangerous part is the gradual undermining of Western institutions (government, universities, councils… you name it) by Muslims. Things like even the **US government** going out of their way to be P.C. by not using phrases like “Islamic terrorists”. I kid you not. This was highlighted in the Fort Hood massacre, where they went out of their way to avoid mentioning “Islam” in the report on it.
    Universities too – they are guilty of **whitewashing** Islam and demonising anything to do with Israel. Same with schools.
    Same with the Labour Party and lefties as a whole – they are what is known as “useful idiots” in that they (completely unwittingly) help the cause of Islam by lying about it, and they **don’t even realise** they’re doing it.