A mission for the Army

Trevor Mallard is hosting a Live chat tonight at 7pm.

You can ask your questions & follow my answers via the ‘LabourLive tab’ on the New Zealand Labour Party Facebook page or by going here.

It is on from 7pm Wednesday for about 30min.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to ask questions, like these suggestions:

  • When you retire, which Labour MP do you think should inherit your seat?
  • Who is a better leader, Helen Clark or Phil Goff?
  • How do you think the Labour Campaign strategy is getting on?
  • Do you think Paul Quinn’s list position is indicative of the lack of diversity in the National Party?
  • Has he ever felt like hitting Tau Henare again?
  • What’s more important; diversity or competence?
  • Is 24 years in Parliament too long?
  • Why do you think social media is more important than door knocking?
  • Did Chris Carter get a fair trial, or has he been proved right?
  • Was there ever an American bagman?
  • Does you think Shane Jones will make a good Labour leader?
  • What’s it like knowing you are going to lose the next election?
  • Can he give an unconditional assurance to Hutt South voters that he will go full term if/when Labour loses, or should they vote for Paul Quinn?
  • How many pairs of underpants has he stolen so far?
  • Which polling company do you trust the most?
  • What does Blue State Digital think about your social media strategy?
  • Do you think Winston will get back in?
  • Why did Winston lie to the select committee?
  • Are you a member of the gaggle?
  • Is there a meaningful role for a straight white male in modern Labour?
  • Is Phil Goff a corpse-cuddler, just like Helen was?
  • Will you apologise to Pansy Wong?
There are a few, I am sure loyal Army members can come up with a few more to fill in the 30 minutes.

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  • Roflcopter

    How do you reconcile calling John Key a nazi, when you think it unwise for anyone esle to?

    • diabolos

      Who is Esle? Any relation to Eva?

      Here is a vid of JK’s lookalike … it could be captioned – “accepting trains manufactured in China – and celebrating the complete lack of support for Kiwi Manufacturing capacity”

      Heil John – Heil Nazional Partei Neusseeland!

  • kevin

    My limited experience with these ‘live on-line’ chats, is that the question put, is very closely monitored. In a recent NZ Herald ‘live’ about CGT, I asked numerous questions and never got one answered. The questions/answers are chosen (of course) to reflect the desired result.

  • Krin

    Has stopped beating his partner yet?