A sackable offense?

Phil Goff reckons that the alleged “Minister for Bad Manners” has committed a sackable offense:

Labour leader Phil Goff said he did not not know if the report was true but if it was it would be embarrassing for New Zealand.

He would expect Prime Minister John Key to act over what could be a sackable offense.

Here is a list of sackable offenses under Labour:

  • Booing Aussie rugby players
  • Leaving letters about a coup in the Press Gallery

The list of things that are ok under Labour.

I am sure there are many more.


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  • Stacy

    Does this man ever think before he opens his mouth…good god he MUST have known that statement would come back on him…sheesh

  • Tim

    The sad thing is, it’s a non story. Fairfax obviously needed something on a non Rugby World Cup day. Gutless, lazy reporting!

  • notavictim

    He is clearly a banana. No ones listening to him cause he babbles incoherently.

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  • arnie

    Another example of trying but not succeeding in tarnishing the Nats. Gee an unnamed MP, an unnamed source, but an Aussie, hell he is getting desperate. Get a life Goff preferably out of politics to give your party a chance of retaining 2nd rather than dropping to third.

  • Phil Goff must have felt that terrible sinking feeling deep within his bowels when the cheers for John Key echoed around Eden Park on Friday night, realising that the election is over, and his 28th to 30th years in Parliament will again be spent on the opposition benches.

    He says that a resignation should take place “if the report was true”; the number of people coming forward to rebut the second-hand tittle-tattle in the Sydney Morning Herald suggests that it’s a very large and fast-growing IF.

  • Mickrodge

    I blame the media here. Every single non-story that’s floated at the moment includes a sound bite from Phil Goff as it adds weight/indignation to what is essentially a pretty uninteresting topic. And it’s a given that Phil is going to have an opinion on it because he’s absolutely desperate to remain relevent during the RWC.

    It’s just lazy inept journalism. Goff’s like the bitter mother in law in the corner who can always be counted on to say something disparaging about John Key.

  • John Q Public

    My vote for Post of Year.

  • mara

    pathetic fuckwit

  • Whoever told Phil Goff that you can’t score an own-goal at the Rugby World Cup was wrong and should step down.

  • pdm

    Putting tennis balls in school kids gobs.
    Males walking into schoolgirls dormitories when they are changing.

    But whatever you don’t lie to Helen Clark and get caught.