Abandoning the Brand, Ctd

Josie Pagani is un-branding.


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  • Jimmie

    Hmm looks like a last minute chop with a guilotine – I wonder if Phil’s head was on the other half?

    Might be worth a photoshop Cam.

  • Sam

    At least Nash’s were a bit more eye catching…

  • Russell

    It appears the roumours down south may be correct.

    There wil be major fracturing of the labour party soon whereby something similar to New labour will be formed but still using the red colour.

    Basically they wish to leave the few dregs behind floundering in the old name and continue the majority under the new brand.

    This is all caused by the control the nutty few have and won’t relinquish.

  • thor42

    If it were Josie LAWRENCE (from “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”) then I’d vote for her.

  • John Pagani

    Why don’t you show the other side of that corner, where there is an identical billboard with the Labour logo replacing the word “Rangitikei” so that the effect is to carry the brand across a larger space.

    Only photographing half of the site, so that you can mislead – why doesn’t that surprise me from someone who has been advocating for stripping the right to vote from the majority of New Zealanders?

    • At least I don’t moderate comments I don’t like. You know I used to respect you and your abilities but frankly you have become a shrill, whiny assed misery jaws since leaving parliament.

      I can’t publish what i don’t have, my loyal army member only sent in that photo. Anyway, you obviously need to learn what Rule number 1 and number 10 are.

      • oldlogger

        “At least I don’t moderate comments I don’t like”
        To your credit WO. Trev just gave me 3 months holiday over on Red Blert

  • lovinthatchangefeeling

    Ouch. That will have hurt.
    And didn’t Mr Pagani admit have real trouble finding someone who would allow having a LIARBORE hoarding on their fence?