Abusive, rude and wrong

Trevor Mallard has lost the plot. He defamed Erin Leigh under the protection of parliamentary privilege, conducted a smear campaign and defamed Dr Bryce Edwards, he has defamed a mate of mine and now he is hurling abuse all over Twitter at people he doesn’t agree with.

Last night on Twitter he really nutted off at someone who wasn’t happy at the stance Labour was taking on the Police surveillance bill. Trevor Mallard accused him of being drunk, then being a “slow person“, then a “SoB“.

This man is unfit for public office, to treat a concerned voter like this shows utter contempt for democracy.

He should resign. Phil Goff needs to act with his out of control campaign strategist.


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  • greenmuppet

    Testing, testing.. One, two, three.. :)

    LOL, “Phil Goff needs to act…”. Are you serious? Lower your expectations, increase your happiness.

  • corner-shop…not

    @Trevormallardfuckaduck – you sir are an absolute arrrrse, helengrad’s right hand man is not liking the new non-communist state, hence any questioning is treated like this! what a loser ducky is.

  • sthnjeff

    The man is a moron.

  • kehua

    Test.Test. Test!!!!!! Have been incommunicado for weeks Cam ,hope this works??

  • kehua

    Amazing, now let`s get on with this Erection DAMN I mean Election

  • ccs ccs

    Mallard’s actions are surely those of a man who believes he has nothing left to lose.