And this is how I hang on for dear life

Caption Contest.

Clinging on to solvency by his fingernails


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  • Billycat

    “I’ll say it just one more time, there are only 10 players in a soccer team.”

  • Pierre

    What are the first notes of the piano death march again?

  • Roflcopter

    I’m so broke, the bastards even took my keyboard!

  • Bugger; I just KNEW I shouldn’t have had a manicure this morning!

  • rouppe

    “… and then I reach in, and while it’s still pumping, rip it out… Just like how I deal with sub-contractors!”

  • Ending the ultimate poker bluff, Serepisos reveals his “chips”

    • Bunswalla

      Love it – I vote for this one.

    • honcho

      2nded, Cracked me right up

  • Jennifer Tooseman

    I’m practising my kneading cos I sure need some dough!