And We’re back

So I have had a bit of a surprise waiting for loyal readers.

Here it is. A site redesign and a fix of all the bugs in the commenting system.

There is still some work being done int he back end and all the thousands of comments are being imported now.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks to Rachel and the team at Cre8D Design for the re-design and fixes. I highly recommend them. Their design process and project management makes an upgrade and re-build a pleasure. THere has literally been no dramas from the customers point of view (Me) and if there were any in the background I was un-aware of them thankfully.

Now I am fully ready for the election campaign. Onwards.


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  • greenmuppet

    Uncluttered layout and easy to navigate. Thumbs up :)

  • Looks sharp. Clear, and in-your-face, just like the author! Well done Cam.

  • Trevormallardsucksmyballs

    Site looks clean, sharp and very professional. Congrats to all

  • Anonymous

    I would move the head bar up closer to the masthead – a bit of white space there.

    Otherwise, it looks awesome.

  • Travis

    ViewIng on the Mobile version…. Looking good….

  • Looks good,, clean, and DISQUS is a good comments management system. Top marks.

  • callumb

    Nice work… Looks clean and easy to navigate

  • SHG

    Trump Gothic always makes me think of Tumblr.

    I like the new look – much tidier than the old one. Good work.

  • Looks great.

  • Anonymous

    Yes and YES!

  • Luigi

    Looks good, Cam. Well done.

  • Anonymous

    Right. Finally worked out that I had ghostery blocking disqus which is why I couldn’t see the comments area… Then when I signed in with my google account it was going to post with much more informatin than I wanted to disclose publicly, so now a disqus account created to sign in with…

  • Anonymous

    Good, At last I can now post another comment. I have been reading this blog for the last few months like a fart in a bottle.

  • Steve

    Whale Oil Beef Hooked in a huge header. Now anyone looking at my monitor will know exactly what I am doing. Big is good

  • Looks great Cam, streamlined and fast… Awesome

  • Petal

    See you’ve dropped the final Gotcha branding as well I see. Great to see you take a leaf out of Google’s book: lean is mean.

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering where the site went. Looks great, Cam. And it’s cool that I can use my disqus account. Just hope your traffic doesn’t get affected by the site change.

  • thor42

    Looks great WO! Thumbs-up from me…. :)

  • Guest

    Too much waste space on the left. Not obvious how you comment. Don’t want to login by using any of the identity services – they creep me out for privacy reasons. I’m probably a gone-burger.

  • Anonymous

    Looks good on I-Pad, though seems to be quite slow, possibly from trying to load the Flash Adverts.

  • Anonymous

    Looks great, mobile version is very very good too

  • Roddersnz

    hey Cam, Site looks good, kept clicking on today but would load now i know why! I thought you site was gone for good!!!!!!! now i can relax

  • Chris Trotter

    Excellent re-design, Cam. Top marks!

    • Thank you Chris, appreciate it.

  • Stroker08

    Ka pai bro. Looks nice on my iPhone too.

  • GPT

    This is outstanding and, assuming this goes through, I may finally be able to comment.

  • Very nice!

  • Anonymous

    Yay – I can post comments again! Site looks really good too

  • Anonymous

    Looks great- contemporary and clear. And I can post comments again!

  • Good morning Cam
    My feedback on your website with marks out of ten:
    1. Using the correct domain name – 10. No idea why you used the canonical name before!
    2. Overall look and feel – 7. Crisp, mean & clean.
    3. Header logo – 3. A real missed opportunity here. Your whale logo is strong and looks great. The rest is very “flat” and shows very little design effort. This is definitely not one of their better designs. At least bring down the WOBH text and centre vertically to balance the whitespace top and bottom. It looks “dicky” stuck at the top like that! Choose either italics or not and keep the same choice throughout (H1/H2 & banner). I suggest lose the italics with that font and stay with the same as your current H1/H2 without italics. If you want black and white as the theme, remove the blue from id=”mustread” on the Home Page and perhaps put some design effort into shading with various depths of grey. I’ve always found that pure B&W can be a little stark and actually has less of an impact than 90% B&W with 10% gray sprinkled about.
    4. CSS/Layout – 7. The installed Web Font is not working all the time in Chrome. Love the ‘winking’ eye. Suggest bringing the quotes widget back up the top and refreshing them frequently. Comments bubble took me a while to work out. Suggest also adding the word “Comments” to the bottom of each post as well.
    5. Content – 10. A good read, compelling blogging and a much more mature, clearly targeted focus in the last year.

  • Agent BallSack

    The Weapons TAB is awesome! I LOLed when I saw that. Great touch. I agree that the blog seems a lot more focussed, mind you the opposition is giving you plenty of ammunition. not forgetting the minor and governing parties.

  • Bill Barnsley

    You can polish a turd.. Marvelous.