Another reason to sledge Aussies harder

from The Paepae

As if we needed more reasons to sledge Aussies there is this t-shirt from the Gold Coast.


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  • petal

    Someone tried and failed to upset Pete last year

    • @Petal: Yes, that’s a bit of reputation attack debris from my scrap with an ‘instant-riches-through-the-internet’ guru snake oil salesman and his acolytes. For more background visit and search for “internet ninja cowboys”. One doesn’t go into a fight with such operators without expecting a few scratches and bitemarks.

      @Cam: Thanks for picking up the photo. As I said, it certainly lessens my sympathy for the rarking up Aussie supporters have copped here in New Zealand … “Former Wallabies captain Nick Farr Jones … urges fans to maintain mutual respect and camaraderie.” NZ Herald.
      Right. Keep it classy, Australia.

      – P

      Q: Why did the Aussie break his leg throwing a ball?
      A: He forgot it was still chained to his foot.

  • Mike Hunt

    he has a lot of teeth for a lippy c**t

  • petal
  • pdm

    There is an error on that TShirt.

    In 2007 the AB’s did not choke they were a poorly selected, poorly coached team who reached their potential in coming 8th in the tournament.

    Had the coaches had any integrity at all they would have resigned immediately.

  • Mully

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s actually pretty funny?

    Shit, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, we have no right to laugh at anyone else.

    (Please God, let us win the bastard this time)

    • I think it is funny but it still grates. Sledging just went up a notch.

  • Derek

    Since when did the word “sledging” enter our vernacular?

  • Chris

    I’m with you Mully, we are in danger of becoming humourless trolls…

    its hilarious

    and rwc2011 ain’t over yet, still time for a chickenbone or two…..

    down Genia’s throat….

  • TCrwdb

    It’s harsh, but fair…