Another silly name suppression

You’ve gotta love this kid though, willing to make bomb threats against the government but still afraid of getting the whack from his mama !!!!

So tough he can issue threats but afraid of his own name.

A south Auckland secondary school student accused of making bomb threats against the Government is seeking name suppression so his Muslim family avoids the “extreme shame” the charges bring.

The 18-year-old Fijian-born student appeared in the Manukau District Court today after allegedly making threats in a YouTube video.

The threats, posted online earlier this month, included claims that explosives had been hidden in New Zealand Government buildings.

The video also said Government and media websites would be hacked.

The man has been charged with threats of harm to people and property.

Duty solicitor Nicole Smith sought interim name suppression for the student.

She said his extended family had not yet been notified and because the family was Muslim, the charges would “bring extreme shame to the family.”

Smith said the student’s mother and father were in court and were “very upset”.



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  • Hagues

    He has a point, there should be automatic name suppression for all Muslims so they do not bring any shame on their families. I see no other way they can avoid bringing this shame on their family… you know except for not breaking the law.

    As an aside are they suggesting that non-Muslims don’t feel extreme shame when it turns out one of their family members is a complete dick head?

    • A fvery valid point Hagues. Despite being an infidel I and my family would be extremely upset and ashamed if our 18 year old son appeared in court on charges almost akin to terrorism. So he’s Fiji-born, then if he’s found guilty that’s where he should be returned to on completion of his sentence. We should be so lucky. I don’t know if current law permits the stripping of NZ citizenship but if it doesn’t then it’s something that should be looked at.

  • thor42

    This little weevil should have his name revealed and be stripped of his citizenship.
    There is another alternative which could be almost as harsh on him.
    He could be sentenced to live with diabolos. Oh, the horror……