Another SMOG: Mallard just doesn't get it

Labour’s campaign manager, fresh from spending 10 weeks training to beat me in a bike race has now unleashed Labour’s latest great campaign idea.

Calling Gerry Brownlee fat and making jokes about it on Twitter. Yet another underpants stealing campaign idea from Trevor Mallard.

1. Tell Gerry Brownlee fat joke
2. ???
3. Win Votes.

The man is an idiot, but then again the poll ratings for Labour prove that.


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  • toby

    Mallard is hardly a twig himself.

  • pdm

    What does he think of Parekura then?

    • Gazzaw

      …………or Lange or Kirk.

  • Steve

    It was a joke to his followers on Twitter – hardly a new campaign idea or a SMOG

    • Scanner

      I’m sure both of them were impressed, once Mallard again the sad C**T fails, and they wonder why are as popular as a fart in a lift.

  • Whafe

    When you really boil it down, the mere fact that deep deep down Trevor Mallard knows that he can say basically anything he likes and it will not effect his ability to be a politician….

  • Chris

    Yes, he’s a complete pillock and needs to be go, but why on earth did you make the effort to stoop to his level by agreeing to his silly bike race then posing with him in a photo with your arms around each other? It just ain’t right.

  • jabba

    an old joke .. funny when I 1st heard it. Silent T has also tried to get laughs over Brownlees weight which is an appalling thing for adults to do. It is similar to the tinkerbell taunts aimed at Finlayson. Labour has more overweight MP’s AND gays in their team. I wonder if they think this is funny.