Oh this is just hilarious. Some animal rights wowsers complained about an idea to have a running of the lambs down Queen Street:

Real New Zealand Festival organisers wanted to run about 1000 lambs from Aotea Square to Queens Wharf at lunchtime just days before the rugby World Cup final on October 17.

The run was canned when the SPCA complained it went against “humane principles”.

How’d that work out then?

Organiser Steve Hollander this morning said most of the lambs that were going to participate in the event had been sent to the meatworks.

They would have been kept alive for at least two extra months if the run had not been called off, he said.

“Right now they’d still be alive. They’d be getting ready for their run down Queen Street and I think they’d be having a good time.”

“Taking them down Queen Street would probably have been the day of their lives and would have prolonged their lives for two months.”

Makes you wonder about the wisdom of bleating about “humane principles” for stupid lambs.


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  • pdm

    There are also whingers complaining about the running of sheep in Waipukurau in a few weeks as well.

  • John

    We fucked up with the transport at the opening, ,lets show the world that along with obese mens tits and hairy maori arses and screeching wahines we are really big time into animal cruelity, buy NZ cruel opps we meant polluted green

    • diabolos

      Please try not to breed.

      If you already have – then i hope help is at hand.

  • thor42

    Stupid bloody wowsers. Is any more proof needed that the left have no brains?

  • diabolos

    I rest my case based on the above. Its like jurassic park where the fat geeky guy released the mutant dinosaurs into the environment.

    Theyre out – in the ecosystem and the challenge is to stop them breeding.

    Footnote – where i was brought up we had calf club – and my Father had a stock cartage business and kids rode the sheep down the race off the back of the truck. I had no problem with a “running of the sheep” (apologies to Borat) – thought the objections were PC bullshit.

    But some of the ‘tude’ or ignorance shown here – says we are a long way from being civilised or truly “kiwi” at the moment.

    • thor42

      Diabolos, diabolos, diabolos……. my poor deluded left-winger…
      You’re in no position to be able to judge ignorance. You’re a prime example of the Dunning-Kruger effect in action.
      The very fact that you’re a leftie proves that – that’s all we need to know.
      “….unskilled people make poor decisions and reach erroneous conclusions, but their incompetence denies them the metacognitive ability to recognize their mistakes.”
      In other words, the stupid (lefties) are unable to realise they are stupid.

  • Mr Blobby

    It never ceases to amaze me these queer @#$%& have no idea where the food on there table comes from. What’s even scarier is the power vested in a non Government organization . The penalties handed out for hitting an animal is disproportionate to those handed out to child abusers.

  • David

    Yeah let’s abuse animals for our enjoyment and claim it would be “the day of their lives”. What a muppet. Makes me want to go round Steve Hollander’s house and chase his pets / kids / wife around for “their” enjoyment. Oh but sheep are stupid … newsflash … so are you.

  • black paul

    Oh don’t be stupid Whale, as a hunter you know perfectly well it’s not about the fact that we kill them it’s about how we do so and how we treat them while they’re alive.

    And running them down a busy street in a panic lined with thousands of screaming yobbos who’ll think it’s hilarious to try and catch one is a shitty way to treat any animals.

    Grow a pair and show some respect for the animals we eat ffs.