Bet he gets in trouble for this tweet

Someone will get offended for sure and complain. Pretty sure this tweet will get deleted. I wonder how this will play out? Chinese comedian offends Holocaust survivors.


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  • meg

    Not funny, ever. Bye bye Raybon Kan.

  • Mully

    Yep – someone is bound to complain about that…

  • Paula

    It bit him in the backside. Check out Raybon’s Twitter timeline for update on this one

    • I don’t think he has seen the last of it either. I don’t expect we will see UNITE union protesting outside his employer for him to be sacked though.

  • Gazzaw

    What a lowlife piece of crap to use a line like that. He doesn’t just offend Holocaust survivors he offends every decent minded Kiwi. F**k him, I hope his career is totally screwed.

  • Yiddish

    Who employs this Asian wanker?

  • camtay

    Germans are probably going to be more embarrased by this tweet naming them rather than holocaust survivors would be offended.

  • Cadwallader

    This may be distasteful but is it not true? I adore my German technology in my car.

  • diabolos

    I dont agree with his sentiment – even as a joke.

    Perversely though – his statement has a distinct amount of truth in it … most of the German Industrial machine that still exists – was the same German Industrial machine that helped run the Nazi killing machine – or it has arisen from the same companies – and the same management that willingly assisted the 3rd Reich. Being good pragmatic Corporate types – they all (German Industrialists) saw the writing on the wall and presented themselves to the Allies as necessary tools for use in the rebuild post-war – just like their scientists as well. Bit like those trustworthy people now supposedly running Libya.

    • GazzaW

      diabolos I agree with you 100% on this issue. Most of the major German industrialists utilised forced or slave labour and ome even had factories within the Auschwitz complex. Krupp, Thiessen, Bayer, Porsche, Siemens have buckets of Jewish, gypsy and Slavic blood on their hands yet all was forgotten in post WW2 political expediency. The situation in Japan was just as bad.

      I am sure that the Dasslers had military contracts.

      • diabolos

        True Gazzaw – and amazingly people like Kurt Waldheim from Austria (United Nations head) was ex SS – pics of him found of the sidings near Auschwitz – Chancellor Willi Brandt and most West German Politicians of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s had links with the Nazi Party and Hitler Youth.

        I dont mind that some had links – no problem – as that regime demanded obedience or death. But Waldheim … well – he was a real Nazi and needed to be exposed.

        The industrialists – those pricks prospered throughout and like the vermin they are – they also survived – all rats and cockroaches do. I dont have a problem often with those who stand openly for their ideology … its the little slimy money making pricks that stand in the shadows and make profits – and change sides when the time suits. Whores to the dollar that rules their stony hearts.

        Owen Glenn and Corporate NZ could be some of those. But i could be wrong.

  • diabolos

    Adidas History

    Adidas was founded in 1924 in Germany by two bothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler. The company was first named Dassler shoes and later became Adidas. By the Dassler shoes being seen in the Olympics this really helped the company get it’s name known. However, in 1948 Rudolf Dassler leaves to start his own company which is now known as Puma. Once Rudolf left his brother came up with the famous three stripes logo and changed the name to Adidas.

    Wonder if they ever made Jackboots for the Wehrmacht or the SS

  • arlo

    The real issue here is not the joke but the reaction of some people towards it. How quick they are to take offence and want to see a career destroyed on the back of a tasteless tweet. For years the right have regaled against the use of political correctness and speech codes, yet here we see the very same tactics being embraced. The left is truly winning the battle. Those of you who wish to be offended should harden up or go and hold hands with the bomber.

    • Note I am not calling for anything of the sort. Merely commenting that I bet it gets him in trouble. And I see from the Herald that is has.

    • GazzaW

      F**k off arlo. This hasnt got anything to do with political correctness and it has nothing to do with being left or right. Its all about decency.

  • chris

    Don’t blame the left. I’m a full blown pinko lefty, and I thought it was pretty funny.

    • diabolos

      Fuck Chris … and we wonder why we are down in the polls. We need to learn to be chameoleons like Key … todays position is not necessarily tomorrows position and then again – yesterdays position may well be the one we eventually assume.

      Assume the position New Zealand.

      As my antisemitic ex father in law once said to me … “only the good die young”