Better teachers make a difference

With the discussion on the great schools revolution one thing that came through clearly was that better teachers make a difference.

The arrival of a powerful new tool thus does not replace the other necessary element in education reform, the raising of teacher quality. Good teaching is the single biggest variable in educating pupils, bigger than class size, family background or school funding, says Eric Hanushek, an education expert at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. And crucial to having better teachers is evaluating them properly, hiring, firing and promoting on merit.

This man would be burnt at the stake as a heretic at a teacher’s union meeting here.


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  • thor42

    Agreed – he would be.

  • diabolos

    Im a firm believer in Markets being hedged about by strategic government stimulus – not interventionism – but continuing interested Government. Dont faint – but if there ever was a case for unleashing market forces – it is Education. We took the subsidies off Farming – but we continue to let our greatest asset – people – be interfered with, manipulated and disadvantaged by a group of overpaid underworked state sponsored edu-terrorists. The people i refer to – the greatest asset – youngsters. They are indoctrinated by these edu-terrorists from the tender age of 5 and in the case of early childhood edu-terrorists – even earlier. The edu-terrorists are state beneficiaries in the state funded education system. They are also perpetuating the system and its downfall by a flawed education system and product. Its flawed because its serves itself – not its market. its market gets PC’ed and discriminated against – kept under the thumb of these edu-terrorists. The BOT’s become like puppets of these edu-terrorists who invade and corrupt our children and their future by a communist-like stalinist system (dont confuse it with socialism – the edu-terrorists wouldnt know socialism if it bit them on the ass).

    So if you really want to experiment with unleashed market forces – i suggest we do what thor suggested – or at least a version of it – let the market decide – give Parents the control over their portion of taxpayer funding – let them decide what happens. Its about time they had some control over their and their childrens future.

    I will say this much in defence of you righties … the edu-terrorists are the only ones who i believe – clearly do indulge in “voting themselves an income” – and they regularly do.

    • diabolos

      And the really scary thing is – they vote themselves an income not only at General Elections – but they have a field day in their own little political haven of the self-governing school – load of bullshit – its a group a unsuspecting individuals enamoured of their appointment to their one chance at glory – being fucked over by a scheming bunch of edu-terrorists. They have the BOT right where they want them – any (and i mean any) thing that even remotely challenges the school then is seen as reflecting on the silly sods running the BOT – so you have mini-parliamentary party politics coming into play (at a level of society where it shouldnt be …) and the BOT because they are private individuals runs for cover, believes what the edu-terrorists tell them and covers their asses and protects the edu-terrorists .. and on and on it all goes. Its the perfect self-serving closed loop – the market (the parents and their kids) are left on the outside accepting the crumbs. Only those parents and kids whose pedigree serves the aims of the mini-state and the edu-terrorists – are treated well and prosper. The rest battle for survival but dont even realise it most of the time till its too late.

  • diabolos

    By their own admission – the edu-terrorists have extensive access to and control over, the kiddies of people who cannot afford private education – but instead get heavily taxed to pay for the edu-terrorists to be substandard and demand more and more money and perks and political influence to keep sucking on the public tit.

    Here’s a classic reminder …