Bogans win votes

Bogans win votes, just as Paula Bennett. Tony Abbott knows too:

While dining out this week I was regaled by a friend who dismissed Tony Abbott as a ”bogan”.

I knew what he meant, and didn’t even argue, because the quality he was referring to is Abbott’s strength and Labor’s nightmare.

Even though Abbott was a Rhodes Scholar; has three degrees in economics, law and philosophy; was educated at four elite institutions, St Aloysius, Riverview, Sydney University and Oxford University; is highly articulate; has written three books and raised three daughters who are all pursuing tertiary studies, Abbott does have a streak of bogan in his essence.

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This essence has put fear and loathing into Labor because it connects to an electorate where a large majority have neither the time nor inclination to follow politics closely, and whose overriding concern is their own household’s wellbeing.

Abbott understands that politics is a simple art beneath the mountain of detail, and he has mastered the art of the simple, pungent message, an art never as simple as it appears.

This is clearly something that John Key understands too.



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  • Mully

    I dunno if it’s bogan-ism as such. It’s just not coming across as an elite wanker who thinks they’re better than everyone else.

    • thor42

      Yes. Michael “rich prick” Cullen was a good example of that. I’m sure he thinks that his shit smells like roses.
      A streak of toughness (call it boganism or whatever) is often quite appealing. Look at Rob Muldoon, for example – he had that in spades.
      Goof, on the other hand, is the kind of guy who would sell his own family if it’d get him votes. About as tough as a wet piece of toilet-paper.

  • A fascinating beast. The majority of the species are hideously repugnant and unintelligent, and yet they manage to breed in ever-increasing numbers.

    Def: Urban Dictionary.

  • Richard

    He is what was once known as a man’s man.