Campaigning on the taxpayer

We all know where the big money is in the referendum debate, from the unions and Labour and the Greens. We now also know that taxpayer money is being used to campaign for MMP. PResumably Jordan also stores his sign in his parliamentary office.

This is a photo of Jordan King. Taken on Lambton Quay on Wednesday.  Jordan works for Maryan Street at Parliament.  No need for him to hold Labour signs this election Maryan clearly wants her staff working with the Keep MMP vested interests.

It shows the folly of National ignoring the referendum. Labour, the Greens and the unions are thinking nothing of using their resources, their staff and taxpayer funded staff to campaign to keep a system that long terms helps them.


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  • Geraint Scott

    Jesus, this is just pathetic WhaleOil. Jordan can do whatever he likes in his spare time ie his lunch break. Would you kick up such a fuss if some National EA held a vote for change sign outside on his lunch break?

    • Show me one that does and I’ll post their picture too.

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  • Baxter

    So you’re advocating that people are not allowed to express their political beliefs in the own time.


  • Williamsheridan

    I understood the state services advice to public service staff is that they not be involved in political campaigns where it might compromise their public service independence. Where there is doubt there needs to be written consent given. The written guidance is particularly specific regarding parliamentary staff. I don’t know his position but maybe it could be clarified by state services.

  • TitanUranus

    Well he has the obligatory Labour smarmy grin, maybe he should be the next leader of the LP.

    • Zeke

      *If* in fact his grin lacks sincerity (pretty hard to tell really), one can only assume this refelcts the person taking the photo..

  • Hi Cameron.
    As you know, I’ve wondered about your role in the Vote For Change campaign. I asked you about it and we discussed it, you and I, after my interest was piqued by observing you using your blog as a publicity channel for the campaign.

    I’ve just seen this mydeology blog post Vote for Change lies: “Play the ball, not the man” which claims your source for the (uncredited) photo and ‘story’ was Vote For Change spokesman Jordan Williams …

    On Thursday, [Jordan] Williams took photographs of Campaign for MMP volunteer Jordan King holding an MMP sign on Wellington’s Lambton Quay during his lunch time. King works for Parliamentary Services in the office of Labour MP Maryan Street.
    Keen not to be seen going rogue on his own campaign pledges, Williams fed the story to his anti-MMP lab-blogger WhaleOil, who published a photograph of King explaining that he was caught campaigning on the public dollar. Nothing could be further from the truth: like every full-time employee in New Zealand, King is entitled to a lunch break. He chose to spend that break volunteering to hold signs and hand out flyers, in relation to a referendum on which his state employer has no position whatsoever.

    Is that true? Did Jordan Williams or Vote For Change supply the photo and info?

    – Peter

    • Yep Jordan Williams supplied the photo, so what?

      Is there a law against sending a photo to me? No didn’t think so.

      • Thanks for your reply Cam.
        In that case, the source was a relevant fact selectively omitted from your ‘story’. You may not see it as such, but I do.

        That helps form a picture of the Vote For Change campaign and (perfectly legal) your role in it, Cam — and I personally find it useful for context of the sort I referred to in Claims of ‘Integrity’ in the anti-MMP Campaign accompanied by smear tactics.

        – P

        • Peter, FFS, I’m not a journalist, I’m a partisan blogger, when will you fucking understand that?

          I am a friend of Jordan, have been for a few years, we go Duck Shooting together…get a grip, I mean seriously, get a grip

  • I’ve got a grip already, thanks Cam.

    This ….

    Peter, FFS, I’m not a jour­nal­ist, I’m a par­ti­san blog­ger, when will you fuck­ing under­stand that?

    … is a total cop out for someone who frequently criticises mainstream media and its foibles. An admission that you’re merely a ‘partisan blogger’ doesn’t exempt you from being truthful. (Or do you think it does?)

    When will you stop impugning people’s integrity with half-truths and slanted, deceitful omissions and implications? The very title of your post: ‘Campaigning on the taxpayer’ is a lie, isn’t it, Cam?

    So much for the Vote For Change campaign’s so-called pledge of integrity. Happy shooting.

    – P

    • I was truthful, Jordan King works for Maryan Street, he was standing on Lambton Quay, he was holding a pro MMP sign, and I had a photo to prove it.

      There was no room for error in understanding.

      He was campaigning on the taxpayer, his salary is paid for by Parliamentary Services, their handbook specifically precludes this sort of partisan behaviour and it is moot that he was on his lunch break….so he says…it is dancing on the head of a pin.

      Labour and the unions think nothing of campaigning using state resources and I post a photo from a friend who is independently employed and you get all outraged as to the source of the image.

      I’m not part of Vote for Change, I will attack anyone with impunity with no adherence to pledges of a group I don’t belong to.

      Clearly you don’t think anything wrong with a state employee campaigning outside parliament in a partisan way. I do and so does Jordan Williams.

  • Hey Cam, the comments/replies are put of order!

    Thanks for your comments. I’ll respond after the All Blacks game, but suffice to say, I don’t agree with what you’re extrapolating from what I’ve said.

    – Peter

  • {Cam, this is a reply to your comments at 7.26, which were a response to mine at 7.19. Why are your 6.42 comments starting: “Peter, FFS, I’m not a jour­nal­ist, I’m a par­ti­san blog­ger, when will you fuck­ing under­stand that?” stuck out of order? }

    OK, to start with: You say you were truthful. No, you weren’t, in my opinion. You were selective, and this assertion: “We now also know that tax­payer money is being used to cam­paign for MMP” is false. We know no such thing and you don’t demonstrate it.

    First, why omit the provenance of the photo from your attack on Jordan King and Maryan Street’s integrity? — i.e. it was taken and supplied to you by Vote For Change spokesperson Jordan Williams.

    When I suggested that was a rel­e­vant fact selec­tively omit­ted, you recycled the ‘But I’m not a journalist’ cavil. Very unconvincing. (I discuss that aspect on my own blog here. Your comments are welcome, naturally.)

    Ask your duck shooting mate for me: Why VFC did not make their own publication of the photo through their own channels but instead pushed it (like moist ordure) through your blogstream?

    As we have discussed, Vote For Change have tried to make a virtue of their ‘integrity’. They’ve publicly pledged not to engage in ‘MMP-style’ bad behaviour and ‘negative campaigning’ and personal attacks – but this episode (surreptitiously feeding you ‘material’ for your blog) in addition to the ‘MPs behaving badly’ slanted attack videos you promulgate for them, shows the vapourous nature of VFC’s ‘Pledges to New Zealand’.

    BTW, I checked the VFC Facebook wall to see if they had posted the Jordan King photo or made any comment: No, I couldn’t see it. They outsourced that dirty work to you, Cam. Noted. Or perhaps Jordan Williams is saving it for his next newsletter (“Beware! The Greens and Labour are campaigning in favour of retaining MMP! Beware!”) A quick scan of the Facebook page reveals, oh dear, a sorry a lack of much anything other than what one commenter calls ‘innuendo, insinuations and denigration’, with “Innuendo being your prime methodology”.

    Second, Cam, I remain sceptical of your characterisation of Jordan King’s actions as ‘Campaigning on the taxpayer’ merely because his personal income i.e. his salary, derives from his work as a state employee (what nonsense). I don’t accept your proffered interpretation: the “Par­lia­men­tary Ser­vices … hand­book specif­i­cally pre­cludes this sort of par­ti­san behav­iour”.

    It seems unlikely to me that the Electoral Commission’s Referendum On The Voting System would fit into any Parliamentary Services definition of ‘partisanship’. I might be wrong about that and if so, show me. It seems to me it’s you and VFC/Jordan Williams and your puppetmasters who are (foolishly, in my view) trying to make the referendum a Left-vs Right issue (‘Labour, the Greens and the unions…’).
    Calls for more representative government and for the popular vote to ‘count’ came from a far wider section of society than your present fixation appears to allow.

    Likwise, I don’t believe you have telepathic powers enabling you to tell your readers what Maryan Street ‘wants her staff’ to do, and what your usual suspects consider acceptable. “Labour, the Greens and the unions are think­ing noth­ing of using their resources, their staff and tax­payer funded staff to cam­paign…”
    You haven’ proven any of that. It’s hallucination.

    Let me repeat: Just because someone derives income from a government department that doesn’t make every action they take ‘taxpayer funded’. (David Farrar just took a taxpayer funded bowel motion!?!) But you already know that, I guess.

    – Peter