Capill out of Jail

Convicted kiddie fiddler Graham Capill is out of jail.

Disgraced politician and ex-police prosecutor Graham Capill is free after more than six years behind bars for child sex offences.

The Department of Corrections yesterday confirmed the former Christian Heritage party leader had been released from jail nearly three years early.

“Mr Capill will be managed according to the standard and special conditions of his parole order set by the New Zealand Parole Board,” Community Probation Services area manager Nick Scott said.

Last month, the Parole Board granted parole to the Christchurch-based church minister and morals campaigner to an undisclosed residence.

He had been declined five times previously.

Capill, 52, was sentenced to nine years jail in July 2005 after admitting sex crimes against three young girls over a 12-year period, starting in 1990, the year after he became party leader.

He was paroled with seven special conditions, including being banned from contact with children aged 16 years old or younger unless under approved supervision.

We can know who this man is because the judge in his trial sensibly removed name suppression from him. We can also know if Graham Capill breaks his parole conditions because we can know it was him. Far too many people like him are released into the community still hidden by name suppression and because of that the general public can not know about who their new neighbour is.



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  • tristanb

    As much as I dislike extreme fundamentalist Christians, I can’t help but think that if a church leader did what the comedian did he’d be in jail right now. On the other hand if a church leader did this and his wife caught him, then it would probably remain a family secret.

    Hasn’t Capill gone back with his wife? I wouldn’t put it past her to cover up such an incident. She is the hidden offender, standing by her “man” with such blind and stupid faith in the sanctity of marriage. She should be locked up too.

    It’s great they named the bastard, and I think that suppression of the victims’ identities solves any problem. It’s a pity that he’s out of jail so early. At least though if you see him chatting about the Bible to your daughter, you know to punch the fucker in the head.

  • Harry Young

    Tristanb. Like.

  • Jarad

    tristanb, you are utterly wrong and out of order to drag Capill’s wife into this.

    One of the reasons he was denied parole earlier was because he had no place to live. His wife and family have completely disowned him.

    • tristanb

      This woman had 10 children with the asshole.

      Here are some pearlers from Judith Capill:
      * “You could argue that it was adultery and you have the right to divorce.”
      * “It does hurt to see what he has done (to the victims) but I can honestly say I have forgiven him.”

      And then this from an interview with her in the Sunday News:

      “That is how God would want it,” she said. She has spoken to her husband’s victims and claimed they too “forgive” him for his abusing them.

      “They say they have, one certainly has, in fact two have, I think,” she said.

  • Bart

    You can say what you like about Graham Capill, but you have to admire him for thinking about safety at all times.

    He always slows down when driving past a school!

  • What annoys me is that this piece of filth has been allowed out three years early. I don’t give a rat’s arse about whether he has rehabilitated or whether serving his full term would not serve any good purpose. The fact is he’s out and free but his three victims will in all likelihood suffer for the rest of their lives. He should be serving every single day of his nine year sentence.