Caption Contest

Isn’t it funny when Labour MPs fall from grace they run to the skirt-tails of Helen Clark.

I found this touching photo taken just a few days ago. The blank speech bubble on Helen Clark’s shirt is just ripe for a caption contest.

I'm with Stupid?


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  • Petal

    I love Strawberry Shortcake

  • Notrot4

    Last known picture of Statue of Liberty prior to it throwing itself into the sea

  • Paddles83

    Watch the Ginga pop up at United Nations as a PA for Fuer Clark

  • maninblack

    that ginger is burnt as hell.

  • greenmuppet

    Caption: “Wish you were here, suckers!”

  • Anonymous

    Comment: Whoever took that photo was useless. Chopped off the flame from the statue and should have fired fill-in flash to take the shadow off the faces…

    Caption: Fiddler on the roof.

  • si

    Helen “I hope he didn’t bring his swiss ball”

    • Anonymous

      Peter may probably have one of his own at home

  • Luigi

    Family portrait….

  • jem

    “Thanks for funding my jet-setting lifestyle NZ…Suckers!”

  • Scanner

    It’s OK Darren that nasty Whale can’t get here, just make sure you stay back from the edge, you know you can’t be to careful.

  • Agent BallSack

    Caption: Tape his balls up FIRST Darren

  • Anonymous

    Taking liberties….?

  • corner-shop…not

    “ok then Darren it’s settled, I will score you a gig in Kabul with Chris, and yes you and he can play rumpy pumpy with UN vests on…….but take this capitalist symbol behind me with you……”

  • bigkev

    you might be a fellow gay darren, but your still not rooting me

  • Eric

    Camp Mother

  • coge

    “God bless America”

  • Anonymous

    Thought of a few while out for a run

    Uncle Sam wants you….for a rent –boy

    In a New York Minute….all will be forgiven

    It’s fun to stay at the YMCA

    U. N. (small print to read – Unilateral Nepotism)

  • Guest


  • Bill Barnsley

    Take your finger out of my arse Darren.
    On another note people. How fucking red is that freak. An overcast day in the big Apple and the day walker is still blistering up.

  • Activetradingnz

    The yanks won’t take your sperm but I can

  • Eevvaadd

    Nothing to see here – so wot U looking at?

  • Doc

    Just waiting, Dariens on her way…

  • oob

    “One teenage boy is nothing. I raped an entire country.”