Charles Chauvel – a man of the people

Much fuss was made of Tau Henare driving an Audi, a poor mand Mercedes if you will.

No such stigma for Charles Chauvel though, he does drive a Mercedes. My tipster tells me the signs are magnetic and they were authorised. Can;t say I’m impressed with the overhung of his allotted space either.

Charles Chauvel's Mercedes


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  • Whafe

    A very manly car, for a very manly politician. NOT

  • JK

    Would that soft top allow him to hear children’s voices? And would that not be a distraction for him? Would he then call the cops to complain? Or does he has one of those sound systems that will be able to overpower all those type of noises?

  • Hard1

    Who makes these small spaces ? A Govt. Beemer would be real hard to squeeze in .

  • Scanner

    Quite fitting really, that type of Merc is usually only driven by hairdressers and fagots.

  • Alex

    That car is positively plebeian compared to the golden Bentley I saw him cruising around in before last election, The bugger nearly ran me down when turning into Parliament grounds!

  • Does nothing to diminish the Champagne Charlie perception, does it…

  • sthnjeff

    If I am not mistaken, that is Midland Park in Wellington, about 5 minutes walk from Parliament (Probably 10 for Charlie with his short little legs). Might have been good for the Labour spokesperson for climate change to have walked, or god forbid caught a bus! I would suggest the walk as the fat prick could do with some exercise!

  • Daisychain

    Can’t say I’ve seen it around the Ohariu Electorate – oh that’s right – he doesn’t ‘do’ the suburbs.

  • diabolos

    This may sound very socialist – but i would think if a left wing politician had anything remotely resembling a fucking brain .. the very last car – i mean the very last car he would have Labour Party regalia on – should be a mercedes.

    Regardless of the fact that along with all Euro brands – it is an overrated piece of expensive to run and maintain piece of crap … god – it isnt the right look.

    Key already rides around in a diesel powered fourth reich BMW – you would think the opposition would do all they could to ‘spot the difference’