Comment of the Day

From Leo Molly owner of a bar and apparently also of some footage of English captain Mike Tindall and a blonde.

“Our position is that if it’s not a crime, then we won’t release the footage. Rooting [having sex] isn’t a crime in New Zealand – I’m not sure about England, but it’s not in New Zealand.’


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  • Tarbash

    Great comment – will keep the story going for a few more days.

    Leo Malloy, for all his faults, is a proud Kiwi.

  • peterwn

    If I owned the joint I would sack my manager (after going through employment law hoops). If you are in business you never, never discuss your customers’ affairs with anyone (unless lawbreaking involver – eg not paying, wilful damage, etc).

  • kevin

    All of which suggests rooting took place… (think Bill Clinton response)

  • Richard

    I don’t blame the players for letting off steam in any way that does not break the law in the reasonable anticipation of their activities being kept private. Having a shot at goals after the match is as old as rugby tours themselves. Bars are for real people, not prudes.

  • bigkev

    it seems abit weird, if ya not going to say /do something then dont say/do anything, ie: if your not going to show the footage why even say you got it, waiting for the highest pommy tabloid bidder maybe

  • Mike Mckee

    Yeah, she should have kept her mouth shut.
    But then Tindall should’ve kept his hands to himself or if he can’t take his drink and behave himself, not had more than two beers.
    8 weeks married and amorous with a womsn other than his wife, yeah reads like a recipe for a successful marriage to me.