Comment of the Day

Sue Moroney has a post at Red Alert, all bitter about the passage of the VSM bill.

The very first comment is a pearler, doubt it will last. Here is a screenshot. Feel free to comment here without moderation.


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  • Arkhad

    She might have to destroy the whole thread – there are a lot of people glad abvout what has happened

    • jem

      Ye I thought that was interesting… Don’t think she’s received the response to her post that she was expecting.

  • Agent BallSack

    Actually, it appears to be unmoderated at this time.

  • Scanner

    Great stuff, next question is what becomes of the “assets” of the current the now defunct student unions?
    Do they all go into the pot for one great piss up for the aforementioned bearded smelly weirdos, some of the men are like that as well.

  • Cjn43

    They’ve stopped moderating because to do so would result in no comments at all.

  • abjv

    I saw on the TV news a load of students protesting at the Auckland University business school over this. According to the Auckland University Student Association website “AUSA is NZ’s only voluntary students’ association, which means you choose whether to join in order to access the many benefits that AUSA provides. It is also completely free to join.”

    Protesting over something already in effect? Go figure.