Confessions of a cooked Duck

Trevor Mallard ran a live chat tonight. He seems to have lost his mojo. The campaign manager for Labour is not sure he wants to be in cabinet again.

Other revelations: Electoral Finance was a mistake and regrets “chinless scarf wearers”

On electoral law failures:

On the H-Fee:


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  • diabolos

    Doesnt look particularly earthshaking to me. Questions got asked and he answered.

    Isnt that how its all meant to be?

  • P1LL

    Game – set and match to Cam :)

  • jabba

    I asked about 8 questions .. answered 1 so not that open but better than I thought

  • Monty

    i was surprised that Trev was so honest. Much more so that Fill-in would ever do on his live chats.

    • He is never honest, i think a better word would be forthright as a description.

      • diabolos

        But the man can certainly run an assymetric battle on a bike though.

        Its all very relative i think…

  • notavictim

    I got 2 out of 5. obviously not the awkward ones tho.

  • Mattyman

    Who asked the underpants question? That was a highlight!

  • kevin

    More frank than I was expecting… It seems goff and labour poll results from hell must be wearing mallard down.

  • thor42

    It was good that he admitted that Labour made a mistake in their “Skynet bill” vote.

  • Whale + Duck

    Whats with your love affair with Trevor Mallard? It feels like every time I come to this blog, theres Trev. Are you actually working for him by giving him all this free publicity?

    Or maybe you just talk about Trev all the time because the less said about National’s team the better?

    • Mr Blobby

      It’s not Trev I have come to the conclusion that Whale is really a closet Labour supporter. One day he will come out of the closet.

  • Chris

    Apart from not wanting to be in cabinet (although that could mean anything) looks like Mallard has some regrets. The remedy for Labour is to spend the next three years knuckling down and rediscovering its traditional roots (including getting rid of idiots like King, Dyson, Goff and Mallard) so that citizens have real choice. At the moment voting for Labour’s like voting for a terminally ill Key and Brash.

    • It could indeed mean anything … Mallard wants to be Speaker!

  • Agent BallSack

    Out censored at every turn really. No response to the questions about Sue Moroney, his aspersions to leadership or a cushy job on the UN, ad infinitum…

  • Agent BallSack

    Did Trevor try to deny he was Labour’s campaign manager?? Seemed to obfuscate and sidestep when questioned. Uninteresting developments in an uninteresting party. Pity there is no way to see the unwilling to answer and vetted questions that were avoided. A combined live video feed and lie detector next time perhaps?