Corpse Cuddling?

Is Phil Goff making a play out of Helen Clark’s play-book?

Looks like he is so desperate he is pulling the old corpse-cuddling trick in a bid to transfer some of the sympathy out there for Alan Hubbard onto his own slow-motion political death.

Labour leader Phil Goff has called on the statutory managers of Allan Hubbard’s business affairs to release cash to pay the funeral costs for the South Island financier who was killed in a car accident on Friday.

Mr Goff offered his party’s condolences to Mr Hubbard’s widow Jean who remains in hospital following the head-on crash near Oamaru which killed her husband, 83.

“In the circumstances that’s a pretty tragic end to the life of her husband and leaves her very much in a difficult position.

“I hope that statutory management can be changed to the extent that all of the costs of the funeral can be properly catered for _ that’s the least that can be done.”

Yeah whatever Phil. The stench of death around you can’t be avoided.


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  • Whafe

    Reading that, the first thing that comes to mind is: Goff = POS

  • Orange

    Goff just seems to come across as “I hope I can make someone else and not me pay for his funeral.”

  • peterwn

    If Phil had a genuine concern over this while wishing to uphold the dignity of the family, he could have privately asked John Key about this.

    He did not – so he obviously wanted to try and score a cheap political hit at the expense of the family. He was also riding on the back of some public sympathy for the deceased.

    The Hubbards were granted $1000 per week living expenses since the start of the statutory management. If follows that if extra was reasonably required for funeral expenses (above the ACC standard payout) it would be forthcoming and John Key has so confirmed.

    I think Phil also implied that the family would have to grovel to ACC for the standard funeral payout. This is wrong – this would be sorted by the estate lawyers and the funeral director.

  • Isn’t David Parker the scum list MP based in the Waitaki district? Could have something to do with this local parish pump issue & points scoring within the labour caucus.

  • Gary

    David Parker lives/lived in Dunedin, not Waitaki. Even when he was the MP for Otago (the electorate before it became Waitaki), he lived out of the electorate, in Dunedin. He is now standing in some tiny electorate in the North Island somewhere… Parker didn’t care much about electorate issues when he was the MP, he certainly doesn’t now!

  • thor42

    Goff has no shame. The sooner he’s put out of his misery as a lame-duck “leader”, the better.