Coup Planning?

I blogged about the benefits of planning and plotting while out hunting. Often my best ideas come about with a walk and stalk in the bush.

As the hunter explained, there are many dif­fer­ent ways to hunt, and a good plan can take out most ani­mals if the hunter is good enough. He explained that for some ani­mals like rab­bits and hares you are best going out on dusk or with a spot light and a 17 HMR like Hamills Manukausorted out for me. Birds like Pheas­ants and quail you need flush­ing dogs or points to flush them out of thick cover. Ducks you need to decoy in and call, sit­ting con­cealed in a maimai. Cats you kill how­ever you can as they are evil. Pigs you need to be as tough as old boots, or Paula Ben­nett, and have a pack of dogs that love hunt­ing. Deer you need to be will­ing to put in the hard yards, cover a lot of ground and make the most of the lim­ited oppor­tu­ni­ties you get for a killing shot.

It looks like Team Jones has taken a leaf out of the Whales plotting book. Nice shooting fellas, now roll Goff.


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  • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

    With a deer fence in the background, I’d be curious just how much “cover[ing] a lot of ground and mak[ing] the most of the lim­ited oppor­tu­ni­ties you get” was involved.

    • oldlogger

      that aint no deer fence, it’s 8 wire post and batten. and the way the deer have been hung and strung, looks like they just got off the chopper.