Len Brown is a muppet. Twice in one week though he has produced a truly cringe-worthy display.

At the Pacific Forum, in front of all the Pacific leaders, NGO CEOs and other assorted dignatories Len Brown thought it would be good to break into a rap like the in-famous and equally cringe-worthy one that is all over Youtube.

Then yesterday he carries it on:

Mayor Brown took the stage early in the proceedings.

“The world is in the house. Oh yeah,” Mr Brown yelled.

[shakes head] The man is an embarrassing drop-kick. Could Conor Roberts please take him aside and tell him to drop the pretense that he is a cool hipster rap star getting down with the youth. The reality is he looks like a sad, old, git try-hard that only produces a cringe as soon as he opens his gob.


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  • diabolos

    Agreed – he can cause some cringing. Same with Key and his mincing catwalk style and slobbering all over Corrin and Petra some mornings and his shameless chasing around London pre the Royal Wedding pretending to be the “kung of Newzillnd…”

    Poor len is a patsy – they didnt expect him to be elected and thereby stick a spanner in the NACT plans to run Auckland from Wellington for the benefit of roading contractors and Steven Joyces playing at being in Government. He can look a bit of dick sometimes – and best thing he could have done was called a halt till all the downside of the supercity emerged. Which it will either into a second term for National – or a returned Labour Administration. Now all NACT are doing is letting Len bumble into the trap they’ve laid in advance – to some extent they’ve laid it by accident too (because NACT have no plan).

    But he’s no more cringeworthy than the rest of them in many peoples opinion.

  • Donavin Wick

    I can’t agree more. As I watched his crazed welcome I thought of this guy’s famous scream that cost him the presidency!

  • John Q Public

    Is Diabolos the new Labour campaign strategist? Is spraying all over right wing blogs part of The Master Plan?

    • diabolos

      No mate – no clear political affiliation here – except being a convinced leftist.

  • Mully

    I find it difficult to believe he get elected after getting caught with his fingers in the till then doing the “cry and smack yourself in the face” thing….

    He’s a joke – claiming credit for the Eden Park refurb, etc.

    Typical Lefty though – do as I say, not as I do. (being driven to the rugby).

  • tristanb

    As Len Brown would say:
    “Haters gonna hate” :-D

  • Zelda

    come on fellas leave poor ole Len be, he could drop dead with all the stress he is under.
    I sure didn’t vote for him either!

  • Patrick

    The guy is a muppet – clearly playing to his voting constituencey – the brown faced gansta rappers from South Auckland who try to invoke the mean streets of LA scene.
    Brown should have been convicted for stealing from Manukau council, just shows how corrupted the NZ political scene has become, never more so than when Aunty Helen was steering the ship.
    Makes me cringe watching a middle aged middle class white liberal trying to “get down with the homies”.
    Will he put his hand up & admit responsibility for the mess seen last night – he was only too keen to claim responsibility for everything from the Eden Park rebuild, public trains, inventing penicilin, the wheel – then the motor car

    Can only hope someone pays this muppet off & he disappears under a rock