Daily Proverb

Proverbs 18

5 It is not right to acquit the guilty
or deny justice to the innocent.


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  • Richard

    Sian Elias take note – this refers to your catch and release approach abuses.

  • diabolos

    This is an interesting proverb Cam.

    What strikes me is the very (almost leftist) allowance for a “space between” .. ie “acquitting the guilty – or deny justice to the innocent…”

    Its that gap that forms the meaning of real justice – innocent till proven guilty and the benefit of the doubt given till that is clear … there is a myriad of things in this quote that underly our justice system .. god bless the British Empire and its legal system.

    • Kimbo

      Goodness, me, diabolos!

      Watch out – You are getting dangerously close to acknowledging the worth of the Judaeo-Christian heritage which undergirds our institutions, culture, and civilisation!

      Reminder of the one virtue the left cherry-picks, out of context, from that system of values: “We must be tolerant, we must be tolerant, we must be…”

      • diabolos

        Kimbo … mate .. remember im a dickhead and i havent picked cherries in years.

        But its just my opinion.

      • diabolos

        Frankly – francis – i believe that we owe more to Greece and Rome (who borrowed from Greece) for our culture and systems.

        The British Empire was an object expression of that – witness the romantic poets and Lord Byron in particular (leaving out the drug addiction bits).

        The judeo christian thing mate – if correctly applied meant that we would still be stoning people – etc etc. And you can preach about the new covenant all you like – it doesnt wash. The revival of Arab culture was driven by the re-discovery of hellenic – classical thought – as was the revival during the latter dark ages of Christian Europe. The very worst bits of Judeo christian thinking are suppressed by two things …

        – Modern understandings

        – Christianity as exemplified in the gospels (which in my view reflect many hellenic ideals)

  • diabolos

    Meaning (apologies for repeat comment) … the two things i quote are the good things – that have suppressed the very worst of Judeo christian thinking.

    • Kimbo

      “we owe more to Greece and Rome (who bor­rowed from Greece) for our cul­ture and systems. The British Empire was an object expres­sion of that – wit­ness the roman­tic poets and Lord Byron in par­tic­u­lar…The judeo chris­t­ian thing mate – if cor­rectly applied meant that we would still be ston­ing peo­ple”

      So you want to look to Pax Romana (based on the blood spilt on the sand of the Colosseum) as a model for humane civilisation, rather than the Judaeo-Christian tradition, which, no matter how it has been historically mis-interpreted, actually has in-built checks and balances on the power of the state?!

      The British Empire was built some 100 years before it actually acquired the pink bits on the map – witness the English Civil War, and the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Both were demonstrations of the limiting of the power of the state which is possible working from a Judaeo-Christian (and I would argue Reformed Protestant) framework. The motto of the men who did it? “Lex rex” – the law is king, i.e., the king is not, and he can be held to account.

      Contrast that with the Enlightenment well that Byron, and the romantics, continuing in the spirit of Voltaire and Rousseau, drank from: Liberte, Egalite, and Fraternite soon turned into the Terror, and Napoleonic dictatorship.

      “The revival of Arab cul­ture was dri­ven by the re-discovery of hel­lenic – clas­si­cal thought”

      er, diabolos, they had just embraced Judaeo-Christian thought in the form of monotheism! Yes, the best of Hellenism informed and filled out the flowering of Islamic culture, but if it wasn’t for a grounding in Moses and Jesus as civil and moral law-givers, to be understood within a monotheistic frame of reference, the much heralded flowering which you rave about would never have happened!

  • Kimbo

    “But its just my opinion”.

    That was never in doubt, diabolos. Makes it a bit of pointless waste of space.

    Why so defensive? And not sure where the “dickhead” epithet came from. Certainly not from me.

    You raised the issue of politics, “the very (almost left­ist) allowance for a “space between” .. ie “acquit­ting the guilty – or deny jus­tice to the innocent…””.

    Now you’re taking your bat and ball and going home just when the debate was warming up?