Daily Proverb

Proverbs 8 – Wisdom calls

1 Listen as Wisdom calls out!
Hear as understanding raises her voice!
2 On the hilltop along the road,
she takes her stand at the crossroads.
3 By the gates at the entrance to the town,
on the road leading in, she cries aloud,
4 “I call to you, to all of you!
I raise my voice to all people.
5 You simple people, use good judgment.
You foolish people, show some understanding.
6 Listen to me! For I have important things to tell you.
Everything I say is right,
7 for I speak the truth
and detest every kind of deception.
8 My advice is wholesome.
There is nothing devious or crooked in it.
9 My words are plain to anyone with understanding,
clear to those with knowledge.
10 Choose my instruction rather than silver,
and knowledge rather than pure gold.
11 For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies.
Nothing you desire can compare with it.


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  • rouppe

    Annette King must have hoped for this acceptance just before she cried “This will save us from The Bretheren” as justification for the EFA

  • diabolos

    Its some very good words – depending on whose wisdom we are being asked to trust. The rest of the proverbs are i suppose, the outworkings of this admonition and define the wisdom we are being asked to take heed of.

    I also like the statement elsewhere – “i wisdom dwell with prudence…” (NO its NOT a lesbian couple with one of them having had hippie parents) … like the linking of two key qualities together. In KJV version if i remember correctly – wisdom is accorded Female attributes “wisdom hath built her house…” – nice touch and very interesting

    • Kimbo

      That is because the word for “wisdom” in Hebrew (“chokmah”) is a feminine singular noun. Hebrew, like French, assigns genders to nouns. Related pronouns – “raises HER voice” – follow the gender of the noun accordingly.

      There is not usually significance in the actual gender. e.g., the word for “soul” or “life” (“nephesh”) is feminine, whereas the word for “spirit” (“ruach”) is masculine.

      Also the “linking of two key qualities together” is a common in Hebrew poetry. Rhyming like in English was not common, but similarity in the sounds of words is (hard to translate into English), as is saying the same thing using different words,

      “Lis­ten as Wis­dom calls out!
      Hear as under­stand­ing raises her voice”

      adds to the memorisation factor. Technical term is “Hebrew parallelism”.

      And in regards to “Its some very good words – depend­ing on whose wis­dom we are being asked to trust”, well, yes.

      In the context of the Book of Proverbs, the programmatic introduction in Chapter 1:7a (“the fear of the LORD/Yahweh is the beginning of knowledge, but (moral) fools despise (his) wisdom and discipline”) sets the scene. The remaining 31 chapters are an expounding on that key idea. So wisdom is not abstract, or airy-fairy, but is intimately related to fulfilling the practical requirements of a covenantal relationship with the God of Israel.

      Just saying. I don’t make the rules – I just report them.