Deborah Coddington is a…?

You have to read Cactus Kate’s comeback post to find out what.

Now you know why Cactus Kate polled number 3 amongst the membership.


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  • thor42

    Wow……. Rooowwwrrrrr (hiss….spit)
    I have the perfect way to settle this. CK versus Coddington – jelly-wrestling. All proceeds to charity.

  • i’llalwaysrememberportugal

    CK would kick that old bints’ arse………however, I’d pay to see it.

  • Chris

    I think we shouldn’t be too harsh on Deborah. She’s just a bit thick, that’s all.

  • Ford Anglia

    A bit!? That is being too kind.
    Deb’s problem is she thinks she is clever then opens her mouth and proves otherwise. Every time a coconut.

  • diabolos

    Dont know Deb Coddington from a bar of soap – or Cactus Kate for that matter – and tend to regard ACT as like a well funded dysfunctional family. But from reading a bit of the diatribe – isnt this the Pot calling the Kettle black – or indeed – one fundamental orifice calling the other fundamental orifice what they both may be?

    Sort of very similar to Edina and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous having a post-doobie and bolly fight? Its probably about that level of credibility as well – for both parties.

    Only an opinion based on whats been written.

  • peterwn

    I am surprised that Cactus uses such unladylike and vile language. I am not at all sure I would like to see her in public office. She could have clobbered Deborah just as well if not better with more restrained language.

    • HARD1

      Sorry , mate , on behalf of everyone who swears .

  • Scanner

    Roger Kerr was the one you should feel sorry for, after all he was very nearly charged with having an offensive person on his weapon.

    • GMM

      “Offen­sive per­son on his weapon” – Quote of the day!

  • Cactus Kate

    Peterwn even my own 66 year old mother enjoyed the post given the context of what I was attacking. That makes you more of a nana than she is.

    I have never used the c word when someone attacks me. It is reserved for when others make unprovoked and undeserved attacks on others with a high degree of hypocrisy. Chuck a terminal illness in there and it was fortunate I didn’t add the f word in front.