Do as I say not as I do

Here is a nice big fat piece of hypocrisy from Len Brown; tells everyone to take the train to Eden Park, then f*cking drives on the quiet streets to make sure he gets there:

Even Auckland Mayor Len Brown, a champion of public transport, decided on Thursday to drive to the park from the waterfront because he could not be sure of making it on time for the opening ceremony.

Should be a fun press conference later today!

The man really has no shame. I wonder how his train rides into the city are going now that the photo ops have diminished significantly.


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  • diabolos

    I think thats the point really – and it isnt anything to do with Len Brown. He identified that our Public Transport is terrible from the outset – and every Aucklander agrees. Most Aucklanders know that building more roads isnt going to help either.

    No argument – our Auckland Public Transport is terrible. I think Brown would have been criticised if he took the train and was too late for the function. But then i think whatever the poor sod does – he gets a pasting from people who are bitter that the NACT dream is still unrealised (although apart from wanting to control Auckland from Wellington – i dont think the dream was any more visionary than just that). The supercity isnt doing anything to help it either.

    Its just a bigger fuckup than it was before. Dont blame Len for driving into town.

    • I’m not blaming Len for driving into town – he showed a lot of sense. What I am holding him to account for is his out and out hypocrisy.

      Brown has done nothing but rail against the private motorist, threaten us with tolls on our motorways, levies for driving into the CBD and massive rate increases to pay for his ludicrous rail proposals.

      The public were told endlessly not to take their cars into the city for the opening ceremonies and Len’s bureaucrats managed to f**k it all up despite having four years notice to get things right.

      Just to put icing on the cake you can bet your bottom dollar that Lenny, with his propensity to use public funds for private use, will no doubt be claiming a mileage allowance for last night. Unless of course he used the mayoral limo.

      He’s now claiming that city officials were not expecting 200,000 people to go to the CBD for the opening. Well, Len that only represents one in five of Auckland’s population. How many were you expecting?

      I take major consolation in that a lot of the people that Len’s bureaucrats managed to piss off last night would have been part of Len’s South Auckland army & maybe just maybe some disillusionment will now start setting in.

      • diabolos

        Fair comment. I just come back to the point that i dont think anything more could have solved it. The media report that there were numerous stoppages of trains due to aspects beyond anyones control?? Dunno mate – just glad i wasnt caught in it.

  • I’m looking forward to hearing Browns comments at the media conference. I hope that the media nails him to the wall. He has just promised compensation to the 2000 people who missed the opening ceremony due to public transport cockups. I wonder who gets to pay for that Lenny? As a ratepayer I have a vested interest in your reply.

  • diabolos

    I still say – we all know our transport systems are rubbish – and that includes our roading. Thats the point. If Brown made the mistake of encouraging punters to go by train etc then thats the most he is guilty of.

    Auckland just isnt set up for any of this. Len becomes the fall guy – but if you had had the roads busy as well as the trains – the result would have been the same fullstop.

    Just like Dunedin building a world class stadium that they couldnt afford and still cant.

    Comes a point when ‘can do’ has to be a little more realistic. We do need a light rail system and better public transport – building more roads doesnt cut it – aside from the parking issues – the answer lies with Public Transport. What Auckland has just doesnt make the grade and never has.

  • Berend de Boer

    People, may I just note that the only system that worked yesterday were the roads?

    • diabolos

      Probably because for once in a very blue moon – not many people were on the roads.

      Possibly – cant be certain – jury is out and all that sort of stuff.

  • Joes

    Len’s an idiot, but that doesn’t mean PT is bad. Last night showed that people want to be able to get onto a train to get to events – too bad that the electricfication project is only half completed.

    • diabolos

      Good points Joes – we’ve had idiots running this country of over oh at least 2. something years now.

      You are right – how long have we had the supercity … ummmm October last year was the election of the poohbahs to run it.

      Now what is the date now … ummm barely September – about a few weeks short of 12 months?

      Who are critics trying to fool? Well heres the answer …

      John Key emulates some of this very well as the “kung of newzillnd”