Does New Zealand need a Stoner Tax?

With Don Brash finally bringing some credibility to the cannabis debate we have a real opportunity to sensibly discuss the issue.

Rather than decriminalise marijuana we should instead regulate it, with only licensed producers being allow to sell it to retailers like tobacco.

Then we can have a big stoner tax, taking as much money as we do on tobacco, which we can then use to reduce income tax and plow into health.

I think that ACT should formally adopt Don Brash’s position and really work hard to make this work.

California is certainly considering a Stoner Tax. It is on the ballot in November, I will certainly be looking into this a bit more. Especially around the removal of crime cartels control over cannabis.


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  • Kalifornia might be looking into a tax on MJ, buts its a basket case state and one that like New York and Chicago, is testament to how the left can wreck societies. They’re crime ridden broken down drugged out empty shells of the places they once were, and a wise person would never use these places as examples of how things should be done.

  • John Q Public

    “…then use to reduce income tax and plow into health…” That’ll be the Sunday afternoon. I personally cannot stand the smell of the shit and would be very pissed-off if drop-kicks could freely smoke it whilst walking in front of me down the street, or next to me at a cafe.

    • TheBug

      What if it could only be smoked in regulated cafes Amsterdam style? Then you wouldn’t have to go in and people could be free to do whatever they wanted to their bodies without state interference.

  • Mr Blobby

    Said it before, and will keep on saying it, Dr Don Brash is the only one talking anything resembling sensible economic policy.
    Note how the useless herald immediately went off to get counter opinions from all the vested interests, wonder if they approached there mates in the Gangs or there political wing for an opinion.
    Prohibition doesn’t work and it never will. The war on drugs will never end. So let’s be open minded and look for some alternatives.
    Like Tobacco and Alcohol the adverse health affects could be self funding.
    The Drop Kicks like the poor will always be with us.

  • kehua

    Don Brash is a twat ( I am being polite ) This urban liberal myth about dope being harmless is bullshit on so many counts that it makes me sick when an old man like Brash espouses his views. The man can`t even control his own dick when presumably sober, and his intention by decrimming dope would result in heatache and anguish for so many NZ families who have had an inter-generational battle with the evils of cannabis related tragedy.