Don't let the teachers unions know about this

David Cameron utters words that would see effigies burned in the streets by nasty unionists if he did it in  New Zealand.

David Cameron will signal a return to “elitism” in schools in an attempt to mend Britain’s “broken” society and secure the economic future.

The Prime Minister will attack the “prizes for all” culture in which competitiveness is frowned upon and winners are shunned.

In a significant speech, he will outline Coalition plans to ensure teaching is based on “excellence”, saying that controversial reforms are needed to “bring back the values of a good education”.

Failure to do so would be “fatal to prosperity”, he will say.

The comments mark the latest in a series of attempts to focus on education in response to the riots that shocked London and other English cities last month.

Not only that, Cameron is going to focus on national standards.

Mr Cameron will seek to move the debate on to standards, saying that a rigorous focus on the basics is needed to give young people “the character to live a good life, to be good citizens”.

The Prime Minister will say: “For the future of our economy, and our society, we need a first-class education for every child. Of course, everyone’s agreed on that.

“The trouble is that for years we’ve been bogged down in a great debate about how we get there. Standards or structures? Learning by rote or by play? Elitism or all winning prizes?”

Mr Cameron makes it clear that he is in favour of elitism and not prizes for all.

He will add: “These debates are over – because it’s clear what works. Discipline works. Rigour works. Freedom for schools works. Having high expectations works.

“Now we’ve got to get on with it – and we don’t have any time to lose.”


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  • diabolos

    Does Cameron seriously – i mean SERIOUSLY – think that is the problem. Educate-em up in those good old values – and its all going to “trickle” down into place for good?

    Unbelievable. We’ll give you the good character – but no jobs?

    Unbelievable. They are already reaping what they sowed in Thatchers ‘rigour’ applied to Britain (no one disputes it needed something at that time – but not her or her policies) – and now its going to be more of the same. “We broke the Unions – and now we’re going to beat the living shit out of the unwashed populace to bringem into line…” The rioters dont need coddling thats for sure – but what he proposes isnt the answer.

    Gods i can just see Key and Tolley and the others furiously taking notes and John saying “look look – this is our next policy to keep these dumb bunnies thinking we actually have a plan… and lets also get religion and pray for another natural disaster for our poll ratings” (picks up phone to Ken Ring and checks Maori Moon planting charts)

    • Bunswalla

      In what kind of warped mind does “These debates are over – because it’s clear what works. Dis­ci­pline works. Rigour works. Free­dom for schools works. Hav­ing high expec­ta­tions works.”


      “We broke the Unions – and now we’re going to beat the liv­ing shit out of the unwashed pop­u­lace to bringem into line…” ???

      • diabolos

        Gidday mate … it was a retrospective reference to Thatcherism .. thats all. Also probably needs to be taken in the context of the complete comment. Its fair to expect that despite a socalled labour Government in the UK for a while – they still live with the effect of the said Baronesse’s best efforts.

        I assure you – other minds represented here on this blog – far less warped than mine make similar pronouncements and reach similar conclusions about other things too. They also paraphrase and reinterpret and indulge in historical revisionism too. Thats another story.

  • MarcW

    Brilliant – do I detect some hope for the future here? 20% of our school leavers essentially illiterate is just so sad, and for many years no-one has been prepared to take any responsibility.

    I just love this

    ” – because it’s clear what works. Dis­ci­pline works. Rigour works. Free­dom for schools works. Hav­ing high expec­ta­tions works.”

  • diabolos

    And by the by Cam – i have to say i have very little regard for the teaching profession. I’ve known and know some really good teachers – but by far the majority particularly at secondary level do need to be dragged into the real world.

    One thing in my opinion you righties have ‘right’ or a good grasp on – is accountability. Although in some cases you take it too far and make it too rigid. Schoolteachers often seem to have no grasp of what parents out in the real world have to deal with – one of which is a complete absence of soft employers, bankers or 12 weeks plus paid leave – and the only thing to worry about is whether someone has left the heaters on in the hall.

    Used to strike me the attitude was – the parent and the child are presumed wrong till we can prove them guilty.

  • Diablolloks- the reason there are very few jobs, and the Western economies are all stuffed, and the education system is a train wreck, is down to one basic reason. There are too many people around who think like you, and who have for too long, voted in incompetent politicians.

    Your comments here reflect a thinking pattern and world view that is typical of the uninformed brainwashed leftist, and it is these people who have had by far the most influence over our political fortunes for the last three decades at least.

    (BTW- don’t come to my site to argue your case. I don’t have anything like the tolerance for left wing drivel that Mr. Slater indulges you with. I will delete your worthless crap in a millisecond.)

    • diabolos

      Thats because Cam Slater has a much broader view than you perhaps Redbaiter.

      I have a viewpoint – you have another – and they are both different. You just happen to be wrong … (joking)

      Didnt know you had a site so sorry to disappoint you mate .. no you arent a legend in your own lunchbox just yet – keep trying.

      Do you get an erection when you make these incredibly powerful statements mate – that surge of macho power that comes upon you when you absolutely fail to demolish your opponent – but believe that you have?

      You have a lovely day old son … and the horse you rode in on… right back at ya!

    • diabolos

      And by the say Red(master)baiter – yes i have been guilty of voting in incompetent politicians possibly – last election i voted National because i had had a fucking gutsful of Helen Clark and her mob not listening to the people. Governments get this “born to rule” mentality after a while.

      You shouldnt ever be too quick to jump to conclusions. And for gods sake cut back on the viagra – you’ll have a heart attack

  • Barbara Stanwyck: “We’re both rotten!”

    Fred MacMurray: “Yeah – only you’re a little more rotten.”

    From the movie “Double Indemnity” (1944).

    Labour and National- peas in a pod.

    • diabolos

      Amen brother – preach it!

      That sums it up beautifully and for that i thank you…

  • thor42

    A big “+1” for redbaiter here. Agreed!
    It is ***excellent*** that the Brits are finally seeing the light – that the fuckwit LEFTARD education policies that they’ve been using for the last god-knows-how-long have failed. If you want a no-holds-barred look at them, read the excellent book “All Shall Have Prizes” by Melanie Phillips. She takes a vicious and well-deserved swipe at the namby-pamby “we mustn’t have competition” approach of the fuckwit leftards. Some of the stuff in that book will leave you gobsmacked, I tell you now.
    Now, I eagerly await the UK government also admitting that so-called “multiculturalism” has failed as well. Germany has already done so.