Election campaign finished before it began

This in a nutshell is why National will win the next election.  They have a sense of humour and can speak to normal people.

Prime Minister John Key said he had actually given Gillard two All Blacks jerseys – the one all the leaders got and another yesterday.

“If she loses one she’s always got a spare.”

He wasn’t sure whether the jerseys were bought online or from a store but said he was sure they got a good price.

Asked how much the leaders could sell them for he said “quite a lot; Adidas is”.


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  • JK

    This sense of humor and the lightness of approach is a world away from the heavy dourness and utterly sullen approach of the socialist’s church members previously in charge in the Beehive. Any reprieve of that supercilious arrogance of the Comrade Helen era is a huge improvement. It brings the human factor back into play, a factor that was not allowed to be seen by the high priests of socialism. Easy choice who to vote for, really.

  • Troy

    You’re spot on with this – people like humour, it’s not bad, and usually it’s not wrong. The lefties hate it because they can’t do it that well but will of course complain that politics isn’t about humour… which brings me to Goff. I was serving in the Middle East when he came to visit whilst he was the Minister of Defence – personality of brick, all show for the cameras and very little understanding of the mission, tried to make jokes but was way in the wrong place to.