Erin Leigh case referred to privileges committee

Audio from Scoop (Video isn’t on Inthehouse for some reason)

Speaker’s Ruling: Speaker refers Supreme Court decision on Erin Leigh case to Privileges Committee – full ruling

Speaker Lockwood Smith refers the Erin Leigh case to the Privileges Committee

More distractions for the campaign manager.


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  • Scanner

    Jeez Trev, looks a wee bit like your fucked, matey

  • Alex

    Not too sure it will look into any misconduct by Mallard. Seem to me that the Speaker may think the judgment too restrictively defines what is covered by absolute privilege. But I could be wrong — it could just be the pretext for greater scrutiny of what Mallard said.

  • Doc

    Ouch. He who laughs last laughs longest eh Trev?

    Lockwood isn’t going to be speaker next term, right? Can anyone give me a more satisfying way that he could get some of his own back after having to put up with Trevor for 3 years, especially one requiring as little work and comeback as this one???

    Way to go Lockwood :D

  • I’m pretty confident that this reference is about the concern that Parliamentary Privilege may need to change, as the Speaker thinks that the Supreme Court was wrong. It’s not about Mallard.

    Let’s not forget that the Speaker was fighting Erin Leigh in Court (i.e. even though the Speaker wasn’t sued, he asked to be represented so that he could argue that she shouldn’t get any money).

    • Oh i know but the headlines are good aren’t they?

  • Erin Leigh

    Yes I agree – it would be great if Mallard was finally held accountable for his actions. But unfortunately he won’t be. David Parker is on the Privileges Committee so obviously he’s not going to ask for Trevor Mallard’s actions to be looked at – nor will his friend Charles Chauvel who is the Chairperson of the Privileges Committee. In fact both of them are unlikely to even declare a ‘conflict of interest’ so the Privileges Committee will be one-eyed from the very start. Therefore the Privileges Committee will just be looking at it from the perspective of how MP’s are going to cope – now that senior members of Government Departments will be reluctant to lie for them (as they can no longer hide behind Parliamentry Privilege). The Speaker of the House (who I actually highly rate as a Speaker) and the Attorney General joined the Ministry for the Environment and Lindsay Gow in trying to stop me from winning my case and spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars doing it. They refused to consider settling out of court and apologising to me for what happened. Now they are scrambling around feeling sorry for themselves because I won my case and now Govt Departments will actually have to tell the truth when briefing a Minister; and that’s a major inconvience for MP’s. But, they bought it upon themselves. The matter never had to go all the way to the Supreme Court in the first place. A full retraction and sincere apology immediately after I was wrongly defamed in the House would have settled this case four years ago. The term ‘making a rod for your own back’ comes to mind. Still waiting for that apology……..