Even Annette is running National's lines

Yesterday we saw the remarkable footage of the PM being cheered by Canterbury university students. The PM and National are more popular than ever. It seems almost the whole country likes them.

Even Annette King is running National’s lines now.


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  • diabolos

    You are so right – it appears national and the PM are popular.

    We’ll see. There are precedents in history – some very recent.

    • If you post any more comments comparing John Key or National with nazi’s even by inference you will never post here again, ever. You are lucky you have had this warning.

      I’ve been getting sick of your constant drivel, oh and I know who you are, and that could get embarrassing.

      • diabolos

        Fair request / comment Cam … i wont make any more comments re same.

        i have enjoyed contributing here very much – the cut and thrust does generate some debate thats for certain and i suppose – generates its own dynamic too.

        If you know who i am thats cool – i understand that as a sort of threat and thats understood also.

        Thanks for the comment.

  • thor42

    Great to see those students strongly supporting the PM!
    I agree with gazzaw’s comment yesterday that he’s a “man of the people”.
    He has more of the “X factor” than all Labour PMs combined.
    As for the bullshit posted yesterday by diabolos (that the welfare state was a “crucible of possibility and opportunity”) – tell that to the beneficiaries in Wainuiomata and Porirua. Tell it to the ones in South Auckland.
    Tell them that being on a benefit is a “crucible of possibility and opportunity”. They’ll whack you.
    The “welfare state” has bred nothing but ***more beneficiaries*** and inter-generational dependency on other taxpayers.
    How on earth ANYONE can see that as a “positive” thing is a mystery.
    I wonder if diabolos is familiar with the “give a man a fish / teach a man to fish” proverb. Diabolos would much prefer to give a man a fish – that’s welfare. **I** would prefer to **teach** the man to catch fish – that is ***training.***
    Diabolos somehow deludes himself that “giving the man a fish” is “positive”.
    Anyway, I await with pleasure another of diabolos’ chihuahua-weight “attacks” on me…..

    • diabolos

      Feeling powerful, brave and confident Thor? Naughty naughty boy thor.

      I will leave your comments to stand on their own ‘weight’. Only one point – the welfare state i refer to is the one that was – not the converted skyline garage that it currently is and has been for nearly a generation. I dont need to ‘attack’ thor – you do it to yourself – its mildly amusing so keep it up mate.

      Yap yap … keep reading my bullshit – its all part of the plan. But do work on your comprehension thor. Yap yap.

      • thor42

        Oh ##BULLSHIT##, diabolos. Don’t give us that.
        “The one that was”. So that would be the ROLLS-ROYCE one that the country has not been able to afford “for about a generation”. The one where beneficiaries showed up once, got their dole set up, and went surfing for the next few years. That would be the one, ay?
        So you’re saying that we should go back to that, and maybe give the beneficiaries a 100% rise in their benefits.
        Hey, wouldn’t that work WELL! Wouldn’t that be a GREAT incentive for people to work and not sit on the couch getting the dole.
        Idiot. For FUCK’s sake – talk some sense in a while instead of the BULLSHIT that you’ve been saying lately.

      • diabolos

        Thor thor thor – thor – just contain yourself mate or you will stain your Y fronts again.

        Claim was made – quite rightly (and not by me) that key is a product of the welfare state. That was what i responded to in my bullshit posts you loosely and nonfactually refer to old son. The original welfare state gave many of our captains of industry their windows of opportunity. A successful and world beating formula was monkeyed around with not just by National Governments (or their equivalent) but also by Lange and his mob – neo liberals in disguise.

        Thing about Chihuahuas mate – is they are small and low enough to grab a bigger dogs balls and keep hanging on for grim death. Aiii chihuahua!!! ariba ariba!!

        Yap yap

  • diabolos

    Are you a surfer Thor??

    And just as a footnote while im hanging off your testicles as it were … the welfare state wasnt about beneficiaries mate – it had people in work and thriving. it helped build the infrastructure that Key seems mad keen on selling off.

    Some of you have a singular focus on beneficiaries. In my view the mistake of the left wing is it seems to have the same mistaken singular focus as well. Its much more than that mate.

    Oh well – enough chewing testicles – time to let go and watch the rugby

    I just metaphorically cocked my leg on you Thor.

    • thor42

      Dream on, diabolos.
      The future of this country depends on WORK. You can live in the past with your “fairyland welfare sate” as much as you want, but that is the PAST. Training, employment and knowledge are the FUTURE.
      That’s what is FUCKING WELL WRONG with LEFTWING IDIOT DICKHEADS LIKE YOU. They have no ability to look to the future. ###NOW FUCK OFF YOU DICKHEAD CUNT.##

      • Tone it down.

      • diabolos

        Hello Thor – mate i apologise profusely if i offended you. This is not a tongue in cheek response – i mean it.

        I was just having a bit of fun and some of it was meant believe it or not, good naturedly. I’ve appreciated many of the posts you have put up here – and i’ve said so in comments. I know that many of my views dont fit with this blog – but as i’ve said to Cam, i really appreciate his and his contributors overall willingness to grant me the privilege of a Turangawaewae – “place to stand”. You have all been pretty accommodating of my views. Wierd thing is – we all agree on the end result – just not on the delivery method. To me thats been quite a mini revelation.

        What i think sets this blog apart – is that it does encourage debate. What people like me need to keep remembering – is that it is Cams Blog – he owns it and runs it. Its always a privilege to have access and contribute. So no sweat thor – sorry i probably goaded you a bit and should have perhaps let it lie – hence the apology.